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Ten films from 2008

01.7.09 @ 12:03AM Tags : , , ,

Film critics are all releasing top 10 lists this week; I’d like to post a different kind of year-end list. Here are ten films I saw in 2008 that I would not have seen yet were I still living in North Carolina. Thanks, New York!

To give some sort of value to this post, I’ve linked some of the titles to articles of interest. In no particular order:

  1. Che
  2. The Wrestler
  3. Medicine for Melancholy
  4. Man on Wire
  5. Rachel Getting Married
  6. Synedoche, New York
  7. Gomorrah
  8. The Class
  9. Wendy and Lucy
  10. Ballast

Of course, movie watchers aren’t confined to New York and LA; someone needs to figure out this geographically-apathetic digital distribution thing.


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