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Welcome to the new nofilmschool!

01.21.10 @ 4:57PM Tags : ,

Thanks for visiting the new nofilmschool: a site for independent creatives and multi-hyphenates. If you’re a filmmaker, writer, editor, producer, blogger, designer, or entrepreneur — or more than one of these — I hope you’ll find the upcoming content helpful.

Find out who I am on the new About page, watch Ten stunning examples of DSLR cinematography, and if you’re interested in high-quality, low-cost filmmaking check out my brand new 10,000-word feature The DSLR Cinematography Guide. A sampling of upcoming articles include “12 free tools for Mac creatives,” “WordPress for filmmakers,” “Gmail for social creatives,” and other how-to articles, productivity tips, interviews with independent creatives, and embedded short films and series.

nofilmschool will feature a new post every weekday at noon. To stay in the know, subscribe to RSS, email updates, or find me on Twitter or Facebook. Also, this is a brand new site design (pardon the mess if anything’s broken), so please leave feedback!


We’re all here for the same reason: to better ourselves as writers, directors, cinematographers, producers, photographers... whatever our creative pursuit. Criticism is valuable as long as it is constructive, but personal attacks are grounds for deletion; you don't have to agree with us to learn something. We’re all here to help each other, so thank you for adding to the conversation!

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