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Native DSLR editing in Premiere Pro CS5

05.12.10 @ 6:42PM Tags : , , , ,

And the exodus I spoke of begins. In Final Cut there is no (updated: good) way to edit DSLR footage without transcoding. In Premiere Pro CS5, now shipping, there is. I’m also hearing anecdotally that Adobe finally took the “Pro” moniker seriously and the latest version is significantly more stable than previous versions. Here’s Jason Levine with an 8-minute demo of DSLR editing in CS5.

[via Philip Bloom]


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  • Nice. Really nice. I have never used Premier, always FC, but I may have to check it out. Which one are you using?

  • Hey David – right now, Final Cut. Once I get my hands on it, though, CS5!

  • That’s simply not true. FCP can and does edit H264 natively. It even plays 7D 1080p files in timeline just fine on my old 2006 iMac. Playing backwards is not super smooth, but then again, it is not super smooth in PPro CS5 as well.

    I agree that 2006 iMac is hardly a machine to edit native H264 in FCP on, but it works, it is not much less smooth than in CS5 and I can imagine that on more recent Mac Pro, it flies. Please stop perpetuating this “FCP cannot edit H264, no way” BS that is all over the internet. Mercury engine is not a miracle. It needs incredibly beefy machine to be smooth.

  • Jiri — I suppose you CAN edit H264 in FCP (whether it’s “native” or not is an issue of semantics), but it’s not a good idea. For that matter it may not be a good idea in CS5 either, for color correction purposes. I’m not the only one that feels this way:

    I’ll make a correction to the post, though, thanks.

    I think you can bet one of Apple’s highly touted features for FCP 8 will be “native h.264 editing using OpenCL,” which calls into question what exactly FCP has now…