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The first problem with Dynamo Player...

05.10.10 @ 2:13PM Tags : ,

… is what happens when you click the play button: nothing actually plays. Anytime you’re going to ask someone for money to play a video — which is something we all need to figure out how to do — you need to have the trailer or something give a preview first. Here’s the Dynamo Player player in its albeit beta form:

Do you feel inclined to pay money sight unseen?

I assume this will be fixed as they move out of beta. And the more monetization options the better, although if YouTube can’t make it work, we’ve got a long ways to go before an audience is willing to click that “pay” button — trailer or not.

[via NewTeeVee]


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  • Say this is a feature-length film. At what point is it better to make it free with, say, 5-7 ad breaks, for increased viewership? Even with a preivew a pay wall is currently a bad idea.