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Zooppa will pay you 0.001% of what your winning ad is worth

05.21.10 @ 12:16PM Tags : , , ,

Zooppa is an interesting site, deeming itself “people powered brand energy.” Wait, that sounds pretty… ugh. So basically it’s a bunch of people using their creative energy to create spec work for brands looking for original ideas? Don’t they have overpriced agencies for that?

According to the Webtel CEO on the homepage, “[our] competition generated material that would have cost us $15 million in production costs.” Webtel awarded the winning entry $20k, or 0.0013333% of $15 million. It’s no surprise, then, that brands are interested in crowdsourcing their ad campaigns — high potential reward (a whole ad campaign!) meets low risk ($20k is a drop in the bucket for them). Anyway, if you’re interested in creating ads for big brands, the contest currently on offer comes from Universal Studios, who wants entries for King Kong 360 3D — because “3D” is not enough on its own, they added the 360 moniker as well. Universal is asking creatives to “imagine what would happen if Kong went through your town? Bring King Kong into your world and show us the aftermath!” They’ve lined up $15k in prizes for your 1 to 3 minute film.

Actually, on second thought, take that $15 million figure with a grain of salt — this was the winning entry.

[via FreshDV]


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