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DSLR Guide update: Choosing a DSLR

06.14.10 @ 9:01AM Tags : , ,

In the DSLR Guide I originally wrote, “One could write an entire guide on choosing a DSLR, but that is a never-ending and ever-changing debate that I can’t resolve for anyone; each shooter’s DSLR choice comes down to availability, price point, and their own particular needs.” While I still believe that, I’ve gotten a number of emails in the past few weeks asking questions to the extent of, “Canon 5D or 7D?” and “Canon T2i or Panasonic GH1?” This made me realize the guide jumps right into talking about buying lenses and support systems without offering an overview of the relative strengths and weaknesses of each DSLR when it comes to shooting movies. I hope this update answers these questions and forms a better starting point for the rest of the guide.1 Choosing a DSLR »

  1. As I was writing my own DSLR comparison, to my chagrin Philip Bloom came out with a similar post last week; feel free to check out his post, as we’re answering the same questions. []


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