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What video/filmmaking/DSLR equipment would you like to see reviewed?

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Thanks to my guide on DSLR cinematography I have the opportunity to get my hands on some filmmaking equipment for review purposes. This is also possible because I’m moving into an apartment July 1, which will be the first time in nine months that I’ll have steady access to my 5D (not to mention a physical address to receive things in the mail). In light of this, I started wondering, “what gear would people like to see reviewed?” And then I realized I should just ask you! So please leave a comment with any gear you’re wondering about. This could be a category of tools (e.g., tripods, viewfinders, steadicams) or a specific item (e.g., Zacuto Z-Finder, Genus Matte Box, Shoot35 Follow Focus). Let me know and I’ll do my best to get ahold of it and let you know if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars!


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  • Are there any options for DSLR power supplies other than the stock batteries? If so I’d like to know more about those

  • Koo will probably answer but just in case you need to know right now,

    P Bloom says these are good but I have yet to test them out.

  • I would like to see a review of the Glidecam HD-2000 compared with the Blackbird

  • Hilo – Along the same lines as ty, this looks interesting… I’d be interested in mounting it behind the shoulder for balance, although at only 1.4lbs it might not make much of a difference.

    Royce — I’d like to see that too — will see what I can get ahold of. Keep ‘em comin!

  • Hi! Well it is a hard question – too many options.
    We have review on many things on the internet so more interesting is a new things on the market.

    Soooo – I don`t know. :-)
    Well it is interesting for my to find budget but good light for shoting if it possible at all. Not many of us can buy arri or dedilight.

    And good guide of how to test DSLR before the buying it will be good too.

    Well im interested in redrock support system too, but I just can`t say what exactly I want to test. :-)
    Sorry. :-)

  • I’d like to see a comparison of the 5D,7D 550D video out on the same monitor, so we can compare and contrast. 7D does 1080i out where as 5D/550D outputs at 480p?

    Would like to see the benefits of a 7/8″ monitor before I part with my cash.


  • I would like to see a review of the Ultracompact shoulder mount from (

    There is no video of this product being used and the price point on this gear is very tempting.

    Would you please give it a go for us?

    Thanks, Richard

  • Since you mention it, the Shoot 35 looks like a very appealing follow focus — would like to know more.

  • Ryan your a bad ass writer and I would like to see you write for us. Seriously – keeping rocking!

  • Thanks guys — will see what I can do!

  • i d like to read your thoughts on something like the vidock2. is it possible to upgrade my macbook pro’s video capabilities with an external graphics card? would it be worth it?

    • Very interesting, Steve. I hadn’t heard of the Vidock. But it looks like the Vidock2 is Win7-only. I did find a Mac review of the first version:

      Seems like it would be possible to buy the box, slap in a Mac-compatible GFX card, and go from there — but given they don’t list anything Mac in the Faq, it might be risky. Have you thought of the Matrox MXO with an Expresscard adapter?

  • i wasn’t hip to the matrox before. Looks interesting, I’m going to look into it further. im still not exactly sure what it does? thanks for the suggestion.

    yea i wish i could find more info about the vidock 2. i d be really interested in that combined with say a nvidia quattro card could do with my MBP, if thats even possible. like you i have a hard time justifying the $3000 price tag for a new mac pro, but i’d love to stay with apple because i love the idea of the ipad as a dedicated control surface for logic and fcp. <<this is something i'd like to see a review from a trusted source as well as a look into building a mac pro level video editing pc and what the price difference would be in the end.(or hackintosh?!)

    thanks for all your work i really appreciate the site. if youre ever in north east ohio and i can return the favor dont hesitate to ask.

  • I’ve been tossing around the idea of assembling a hackintosh for $1k and benchmarking it against a Mac Pro in Adobe’s CS5 – and writing a how-to post here. Lately I’m thinking that this will be too much of a time suck, as I hope to spend a lot more time writing, directing, shooting, etc. coming up. But if the new Mac Pros (whenever they’re announced) are disappointing (e.g., they don’t have a good CS5-compatible nVidia graphics card), I very well might go that route.

  • I’d really like to see the HandySLR reviewed.