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"I’ve been abandoned by the company that used to love me"

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Not to keep harping on the new Mac Pro, but I’m not the only one scratching my head about the future of Macs for professional content creators. The above quote about Apple comes from Digital Imaging Technician Brook Williard, in a post on his blog titled The state of Apple’s professional line. Brook’s post jumps off with the following: “512 days after the last update, Apple introduced the new lineup of speed-bumped Mac Pros and further established their abandonment of the professional community… With the 2010 Mac Pro update, Apple has literally created a machine for nobody.”

To support his argument that Apple is abandoning the professional community, Brook also brings up that pesky Quicktime gamma issue; the elimination of ExpressCard slots on MacBook Pros (my 15″ 2006 MacBook Pro has an ExpressCard slot; the new 15-inchers do not); and Final Cut Pro’s lack of 64-bit optimization and multiprocessor support. His post is a must-read if you’re not yet convinced the new Mac Pros are anything short of disappointing — and is good brain candy about Apple’s changing priorities. I promise the next post here will not not mention “Mac Pro” once!

Link: The state of Apple’s professional line


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  • “I promise the next post here will not not mention “Mac Pro” once!”


  • Yeah yeah yeah. Sorry. Good stuff on the way.

  • There are so few DIY filmmaking blogs out there and sooooo many Apple bashing blogs. Pleeeeease write some good stuff about filmmaking and leave the Apple bashing to all those other angry bloggers out there!

  • Give him a break. This is important topical stuff. Surely you can see that it’s not just Apple bashing?
    Thanks for writing it and for the link to Brook’s blog.

  • This blog is by no means Apple bashing — everything I do is on a Mac. Only lately have I had anything bad to say about Apple, and I hope this is topical, as Rupert points out.

  • Definitely relevant…as though the world of independent filmmaking isn’t daunting enough, now we have to deal with Apple and FCP disintegrating into irrelevancy? Well…it definitely keeps life interesting, I s’pose?
    Except for Premiere Pro, are any of the other NLE systems worth looking into? I’ve never used Sony Vegas…and apparently Avid makes something for lower budgets?

  • Agreed, I think this is a relevant post. Thanks for the link to Brook Willard’s post. Interesting conversation, at the very least.

  • I think this is a very valid issue. Ryan, I appreciate you raising all these points. Particularly about the price of Mac Pro components and the lack of hardware support for CS5, as I haven’t seen that discussed anywhere else. Final Cut Studio has the lion’s share of the market – especially among indy/commercial editors, and if Apple is tip-toeing out of the room and shutting the door on us, I’d prefer to have folks like you raising the alarm so that I’m not caught off-guard.

    I’ve been with Final Cut Pro since version 2.0, but I’ve been using Photoshop and InDesign (formerly PageMaker) even longer. I haven’t purchased a PC since 1999, but watching PCs get cheaper and faster – and Premiere get better and better – is making me wonder whether Apple’s virus-resistant and less-annoying operating system is reason enough to stay on the Mac bandwagon.

    I think that if Apple takes Adobe to the mat, they’re going to discover that creative pros are a lot more loyal to Adobe than they are to Apple. If open-source Lightworks is half as good as it claims to be, it’s going to raise the bar for Premiere, and give me one more reason to bail on Apple.

  • Excelent article as always Koo

    . My question to you is this – What has Apple recently released that a Professional Content Creator can’t use? I mean, it isn’t like apple released computer that is 5 years behind! Are professionals really that tied down with the new computers that were released? Sure there are some missing features, but. That is to be expected. My car doesn’t have radio controls on the steering wheel, does that mean my car company hates me? No, i just have one extra step of turning up the volume.

    My point is i think we have become so reliant on any new technology to tell our stories we let it shape our ability to truly create.

  • That’s true, Tony — I’m posting this from the perspective of someone with very little money who was ready to upgrade to a Mac Pro, but I just don’t see the value proposition. So I’m going to take things into my own hands… Ultimately I would be happy with anything better than my four year-old laptop, it just seems Apple’s new offerings aren’t great values for cash-strapped indie filmmakers.

    • I agree about the money angle, but i think that this gives most filmmakers the chance to reevaluate what it is they really need out of their system. instead of just buying something that was the “standard” now maybe a little more thought could be but into the buy process?