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How Good are DSLRs in Low Light, Really?

08.3.10 @ 3:28PM Tags : , , , , , ,

Are DSLRs really more sensitive than cameras that cost several times as much? Video guru Adam Wilt compares the Canon 5D and 7D with the Panasonic HPX370, Sony EX1, and RED ONE (including the new Mysterium-X sensor) at ProVideo Coalition. What did Adam find?

Big sensors make a difference. Both Canons do outperform the traditional video cameras at high sensitivities—but so does the upgraded RED ONE with the Mysterium-X sensor. And the RED holds more fine details and subtler gradations at high ISOs, too.

Looking at the frame grabs, it’s clear that the Canon DSLRs are disadvantaged because of their highly-compressed h.264 codecs. However, looking at Adam’s very helpful HD clip, it’s also clear how efficient the h.264 codec is in motion. Also of note: how much better that new RED M-X sensor is than the old one. Click on through to Adam’s comparison for more conclusions.

Link: Low Light: Do HDSLRs Really Rule?


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