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Jim Jarmusch on Film School

08.7.10 @ 1:29PM Tags : ,

Indie auteur Jim Jarmusch made an appearance in Paris at the Fondation Cartier earlier this year. In this clip, filmed by Léa Rinaldi, Jarmusch talks about his time at NYU’s graduate film school, saying “I did learn a few things, but there were more things I was taught that I felt I had to then unlearn.”

On this site’s about page, I make it clear that this site isn’t AntiFilmSchool, saying, “different strokes for different folks.” But I certainly agree with Jarmusch’s sentiment that “I’m just trying to learn my own way, and I don’t want interference… I learn from these masters that precede me.”

Also, there’s no way I can post about Jim Jarmusch without including his hilarious appearance on one of my all-time favorite DVDs, 1991′s Fishing with John:

For those not acquainted with the irreverent “show,” which was “hosted” by John Lurie, I’ve covered it before here.

[via FilmmakerIQ]


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