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The Absolute Cheapest Way to Do a Dolly Move*

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*Okay, so it’s not actually a dolly move. But it looks like one, and all you need is a tripod. My co-panelist at next week’s PhotoPlus Expo, Vincent Laforet, posted this neat tip for getting a smooth, short dolly-ish move from any camera. Check it out:

Another handy tip from Vincent:

If you have NOTHING in terms of support with you when shooting with an HDDSLR – put the camera strap around your neck and push forward against you neck to get resistance and you’ll get a steadier result. The tension will give you a bit more stability and in effect use your neck as a virtual “point of contact.” In general – the more points of contact you have with any camera (shoulder, one hand on a handle, the other on the Follow Focus wheel – is a good thing…

Of course, you can always build a dolly out of PVC pipes and rollerblade wheels, as we did on The West Side (pictured). This’ll cost you less than $100, which might make it the “absolute cheapest way to do a dolly move” with an actual dolly. There are a lot of tutorials out there for building such a dolly; if I find the one we used I’ll post it here. Actually, no, I take that back: if I find one that looks like it’ll work better than our dolly, I’ll post it here. Ours was always falling off the tracks!


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