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How to use a Glidecam with a DSLR

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Among the dozens of booths touting cool gadgets at this weekend’s PhotoPlus Expo was Glidecam, whose camera stabilization devices (otherwise known in popular lexicon as, ahem, Steadicams) are always a hit on show floors. However, while it’s always easy to pick up a pre-configured device and take a few steps with it, the real trick with camera stabilizers is to spend the time to set them up and balance them just right. Because it’s by no means plug-and-play, Cristina Valdivieso from has recorded a good how-to video for setting up a Glidecam, step-by-step:

For a demo of a Glidecam/DSLR combo in action, here are some impressive (especially given the price point) examples of a Glidecam 2000 and 5D Mark II at work:

I’ve shot with Steadicams in the past (both small and large), but haven’t worked with a Glidecam. Which camera stabilizers do you have experience with, positive or negative?

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  • This looks awesome! Thank You!

  • Rob Sholty on 11.1.10 @ 3:46PM

    I have the Glidecam HD-4000 . It works pretty good as long as you take the time to balance it. Its a bit tricky to get used to but once you have the hang of it it works pretty well. The only downside is your arm can only last for so long. After about an hour or so of using it, my arm could not handle the weight anymore.

  • I have the HD-2000 and agree with Rob, balancing is everything. I’m usually flying the very light 550D/T2i on there which really helps with the arm time you can stand, but it was surprisingly easy to just switch hands (for me anyways). I find it really excellent stabilization though, the only difficulty I find is getting really low shots as the gimbal handle hits the large plate on the low positioning, but I suppose I should be using a different tool for the low flying shots.

  • Why pay so much for what’s basically a monopod with weights attached? :D

  • This was great! But how about a tutorial on how to actually shoot with a Glidecam or Steadicam? I haven’t seen much of anything out there about how to handle the Glidecam or similar.

  • Do you have a preference of lens to use for your Glidecam work? What lens(es) did you use in the wedding reel?

  • I was wondering about what lenses you would recommend in the 750-1000 dollar range? Also what’s a great way to hold the glidecam ? I see two hands on them and was curious how to absorb the shock.

    Is there a certain way to walk (maybe not lifting your legs as high?)


  • I have a Sony Alpha A77 with a Sony 2.8 – 16 – 50 SSM, will this camera work with the Glidecam 2000