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Nuno Rocha's Canon 7D Short 'Vicky and Sam'

11.12.10 @ 2:13PM Tags : , , ,

Here’s a 10-minute, DSLR-shot movie about movies. Directed by Nuno Rocha and shot in Austin Texas. It might be a bit meta, but it comes with the message for screenwriters to treat your characters like they’re real people…

Shot on a Canon 7D.

[via TickleBooth]


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  • alexander miller on 11.12.10 @ 3:46PM

    that was really well done

  • Excellent…so cool to see great work being done with dslrs…

  • Pretty nice work… thank you, for this blog post !

  • I wish I had words for how awesomely well written that was. I can’t find anything I didn’t totally love about it. If you catch this Nuno, good work.

  • What did you use for sound? If it was external, how’d you sync it up?

  • I got a 7d my self and it is a great bit of kit,the film was not bad have seen the story line before the guy from Scotland ???? very poor accent I thought he was Irish.

  • I’m completely surprised at all the fanfare over this self-conscious and self-important little flick. Nice production values though.

  • Well done – I like that debate over the screenplay at the opening. I too use a 7D with a Merlin Steadicam. I noticed those were dolly tracked (I think) they were very smooth and it was lit (like a film prod.) Both keys to making it watchable. Eye candy is a given because we are already used to it on TV. And sound was perfect. Anything less looks like a reality show. Great work !

  • Nice job! Very entertaining and very well produced. That one went into my Vimeo favorites!

  • I wanted to like this. But that loud mouth tosser completely butchered my native accent. That was the worst attempt at a Scottish accent I’ve heard in years. I would have been offended if he hadn’t come off looking like such a bad actor to boot.