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World's Smallest Stop-Motion Animation 'Dot' Stars 3D-Printed Characters

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The filmmakers behind Wallace and Gromit have created what is billed as “the smallest stop-motion animation ever.” Shot on a CellScope attached to a Nokia N8, and with a main character standing at 0.35 inches short, I don’t think anyone’s going to argue their claim. The main character, aptly named “Dot,” was too small to animate with standard stop-motion techniques, so the filmmakers employed a new strategy: they used a 3D printer to print out 50 different poses, and replaced her in each frame. Check out the ingenious result:

Here’s a look at the CellScope, which is aimed at helping medicine in the developing world:

[via TickleBooth]


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  • That was really cool. I also watched the video on how they made it. Wow…that’s some serious stop-motion animators. =)