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New Version of Final Cut Pro Possibly Coming in April - Which New Features Do You Want?

01.8.11 @ 1:48PM Tags

Earlier this week there was a minor controversy with my statement that the “entire HDLSR community” was fooled by the rumored 4K Canon T2i firmware; in retrospect, I simply should’ve left off “entire.” However, I never claimed that I didn’t report rumors, and to prove that point, here’s a report of a rumor: a new version of Final Cut Pro is due in March or April, according to Hardmac. Rumor or not, we’re certainly due for a new version of FCP, given the last update was fairly minor. So here’s my question for you: what new features are on your wish list?

We last heard that Apple might be dumbing down this next version of FCS after laying off 40 Final Cut workers. This remains a possibility, as Hardmac reports in broken English (it’s a French site) that “[FCS 4] should be a substantial update when compared to the previous version, but not sure it could bring all new features expected by all Pro users.” It would be strange for Apple to focus on prosumer features, however — don’t they have iMovie and Final Cut Express for that? Anyway, I switched to Premiere Pro a while ago, so I can’t quite remember what features I’d like in the new version of Final Cut Studio, other than GPU acceleration (probably powered by OpenCL instead of CUDA). So, editors — what are you hoping to see in the next release of FCS?

[via AppleInsider]


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  • I hear people telling me to switch to Apple all the time. I have so much invested in apps on the Windows side, it would be really silly to do so. But what would make it even more silly is the simple fact that Apple hasn’t done anything of value for 3+years now when it comes to editing suites. In the mean time, Adobe, Sony and several others have quite simply kicked Apple’s butt in this sector. Perhaps it’s time for Jobs (as in Steve) to once again go away and for Apple to come off of their pedestal. Apple folks no longer have the clout of convincing when such discussions arise – (Apple vs PC) – thank God for that – it is getting to be a really old drum they are beating on.

  • David Fulde on 01.8.11 @ 2:19PM

    I just want to say, a new final cut coming this year isn;t a rumour. Steve Jobs said in an email that it was. However, I really hope for some GPU acceleration, and maybe a compositing program that is not Motion (Possibly something like a return of Shake?)

  • Native 3D workflow. More flexibility back and forth workflow with Color and Motion. Better masking and keyframing tools. Native tracking.

  • yep propper openGl 3.1/4.1, – Open CL support and acceleration, better audio and text handling wo motion (if you want to do a simple thing it takes for ever) which is a pain on the arse.. the idea of bringing back a revamped Shake would be awesome and working Color directly from FCP… also better exporting tools and Blue Ray support.
    It would be important that apple FCP could also handle propperly all the different media and could mix it in the same project wo the usual freaks and if so at least tell u where the problem was…

    • Amen to that last statement. Nothing more frustrating than a 6 hour encode that gives a general error at the end and makes you have to guess where/what clip caused the problem. Also, why can’t it pause the encode to allow you to free up space if you are running low? Or better yet, predict how much space it will need when it starts the encode and give you a warning then.

  • Bluray Studio Pro, dual system audio syncing with drift correction, better Color and Motion integration

  • I was in the last presentation of the BIGGEST improvement when they brought up the ‘new’ FCP2 bundle… and i wasnt impressed at all, even less when i tested it and had to work with it cause everyone i worked with had upgraded and we couldnt share files… FCP 6 wasnt that giant leap and took me many upgrades to stop resenting the money i payed for the upgrade!

  • Nathan karamanski on 01.9.11 @ 3:18AM

    I personally would need better integration with adobe products.
    Gpu acceleration
    Blu ray export support
    Multiple native formats. Dslr and p2 native compatibility killed final cut when cs5 came out. For your average video editor final cut is really irrelevant. With the ability to jump from premiere to AE to Photoshop it’s really become an easily replaceable user experience. I don’t see people really running back to it again even with some radical changes. Adobe has clearly taken the lead in the production software bundlegame.

  • To late, i switch to Premiere Pro.

  • Native H.264 would be great since the 7D, GH1 and D7000 all seem to shoot with that wrapper. And I’m still a fan of Mac. I’ve never been on a PC system that worked reliably enough for my job. My Mac’s been pretty much bullet proof for 3 years. When I upgrade, it’ll be a Mac.

    That being said, Premiere Pro for the Mac sounds interesting from everything I’ve heard.

  • Fix the damn gamma shift that occurs when exporting to H264!

    Do that, add mutlit-processor rendering, stop screwing up basic functions like font rendering and media connection, and I might THINK about staying with FCP instead of joing the exodus to Premiere.

  • The biggest thing that Premiere always had was native editing. I don’t see FCP moving away from transcoding. That right there is what makes it inferior even if they add all other other features. Unless they go native, it’s hard to justify switching back.

  • I would really love better multi cam functionality and improved multi editor work flow. A feature like Pluraleyes should be included. I would also love to see motion build into final cut pro. Im not sure why there needs to be two titles.

    And I hope that the new version can take advantage of all my cores.

  • It would be nice to see Color adopt the UI that the rest of FCS already abides by.

  • Honestly, so long as the update lets me use all my cores and is 64 bit, everything else is just a bonus. I’ve been using FCP for a long time and just don’t want to switch. It still let’s me do everything I need to.

  • Script based editing! Why for the love of god is this not standard in every editing package? Ahhh well Avid has it for only $2500…

  • Certainly much better integration of the various apps. Right now, they all feel like apps made by different companies…which they mostly were, but we shouldn’t be able to tell! And as Tyler said, Color should use proper Mac OS X user interface conventions. (How about normal scrolling in the Color timeline, for example?)

    Also: background rendering and exporting. Why shouldn’t I be able to render or export one sequence while editing another?

    Project-specific render and capture scratch settings would be great. If I already told FCP that I want all footage for Project A in a particular Capture Scratch location, and Project B’s footage in a different spot, why can’t FCP remember that and switch settings on the fly as I work in different projects?

    Face detection could really help with the initial steps in logging documentary footage–all clips that have a particular person could be sorted into a bin if desired, or you could simply search through the footage by person.

    Also, a bundled equivalent of ScriptSync would be incredible, though obviously extremely unlikely.

    Native support for H.264 and AVCHD editing, better realtime effects, and the four-screen view from Avid when you’re fine tuning crossfades would all be great touches.

  • Honestly, just 64 bit processing would improve my life significantly.

  • My main convern over everything else… I would like to be able to change the speed of a clip without altering the rest of the timeline. AKA without having to copy paste the clip to a safe zone to change the speed and copy paste it back where it belongs.

  • Brad Bradley on 01.13.11 @ 4:27PM

    BluRay… BluRay… BluRay… Mr. Jobs says everything will be server based and served off the web. Apparently he hasn’t been to a wedding for a while. As an event videographer I have yet to have a bride say, “Gee, can you make my wedding video play as a degraded web browser image. I have the crystal clear look of hi-def TV!.”

  • Very strong rumours that Apple will concentrate on its profitable side (iPod/Tunes/Phone/Pad/Apps) have been around for a while – that means if you’re a “Pro” user you’ll just get more and more frustrated.
    FC has lost ground to Prem Pro and others in the prosumer market and meanwhile Avid has consolidated and seems to be getting it’s act together for the professionals.

    I’ve always used a mix of Mac and PC and the age old story that PC isn’t reliable is a myth. Maybe if you’re running a PC as a home computer and surfing the web/playing Halo etc as well as running it as a pro tool then that could be true, but if you’re treating it as a professional piece of equipment then that’s not the case.

    I switched to a HP Z series a while back and it totally wipes the floor with any Mac I’ve ever encountered.

    If Apple comes up with anything substantial no doubt there will be backward compatibility issues and you’ll have to pay handsomely for the cachet.

    It was nice while it lasted but Mac as a pro solution will go back to being niche before it dies altogether (unless of course someone ousts Jobs and his quest for world domination with shiny home gizmos).

  • Native HD SLR workflow!!! although I did switch to Premier, I’d love to go back to FCP, but of course with better integration with After Effects, Photoshop and so on!