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YouTube's Crowdsourced 'Life in a Day' to Stream Live from Sundance

We last heard about YouTube’s Life in a Day project — wherein producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin MacDonald combed through 80,000 video submissions (totaling 4,500 hours) to piece together one day in the life of, well, humanity — in August. Now comes word that the filmmakers have chosen 26 co-directors from the submissions, and will be premiering the film live at Sundance, complete with a concurrent live stream on YouTube. Here’s a look at one segment of the film:

Life in a Day will premiere January 27 at 5 PM Pacific on the YouTube channel. Continuing the theme of global inclusion, the live stream will be subtitled in 25 languages; a theatrical release will reportedly follow later in the year.

Link: Life in a Day

[via Gizmodo]


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