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Now That's More Like It: 5K RED EPIC Footage at 96 FPS is Stunning

03.11.11 @ 11:26AM Tags : , ,

A camera is really only as good as what you put in front of it. So while I was disappointed in some of the first RED EPIC footage to hit the web, I did suggest that it wasn’t the camera’s fault: drab brown interiors or ski slopes on an overcast day don’t fully demonstrate what a camera is capable of. A nice sunset over water with birds flying in slow motion, on the other hand, makes for a good showcase. Here’s the video embedded (make sure you’re watching it in HD, and keep in mind you can click on the vimeo title to download it in 1080p:

UPDATE: I had seen one shot from the following video, but I wasn’t aware the graded piece had been posted. This is pretty much how things look around my apartment on an average day (JK):

Both clips look pristine. I imagine I’m not the only indie wondering when the EPIC-S version will be available.

[Thanks, Bob and Martin]


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  • Ryan Jacobi on 03.11.11 @ 12:03PM

    Nice! I love how the Red Epic was put to use in a way filmmakers put the first film cameras to use. We never seem to get tired of the camera’s ability to break down movement. Beautiful stuff!

  • ahh Tom Lowe. always delivering.

  • Remember this video from OFFHOLLYWOOD / Mark L. Pederson

    Let me present to you: Feathers

  • Am I Insane Or Is it a Mac Display Gamma thing? on 03.11.11 @ 4:10PM

    Am I insane or is it a Mac Display Gamma thing? The sunset footage looks a little flat and grayed out to me. But I know that PC’s usually have punchier Gamma settings. Thoughts?

    • That should be fixable with color-correction. Remember RED shoots RAW so everything looks “flat and grayed out” until you grade.

  • Well, like the EVF and the Solid State drives that RED has been taking money for and not delivering for 9 months, the proof is in the pudding. Epic doesn’t mean a thing if they can’t deliver the product.

  • MARK GEORGEFF on 03.17.11 @ 8:58PM

    So what does this all come down to again?
    I would think — and maybe that’s not the word to use regarding these continual updates (what?) on these cameras every few months from these manufacturers — they would really get their crap together and do it right at least the first few times. Like in 2 or no more than 3 attempts. They have the tech and the knowledge and any no budget filmmaker would kill to try out these cams. But no…every year at NAB or where ever…it’s a suddenly new innovation? WTF???? I get it. It’s a business. They have profits to make. But it would be great publicity for the camera creators…to make us the cameras we want and need for under 6 or 5 grand. And now it’s time to take my meds or put a gun to my head. Thanks for my rant.

  • Has anyone seen the new Epic footage of the “impossible shot” from inside of a dark tunnel into broad daylight? I read about it on Philip Hodgetts blog and the exposure latitude is amazing . Here’s a link to the website its hosted on.

  • Wow let’s all pretend to be amazed at 5K footage downgraded to 720p or maybe 1080p (if we took the time to download it). We really can’t form any kind of opinion until we see it at full resolution in a theater that can display 5K.