March 22, 2011

Video Shows There's a Lot More CGI in 'Black Swan' Than You Might Think

Amidst folks judging the authenticity of Natalie Portman's ballet form in the outstanding Super 16mm/DSLR-shot Black Swan, it turns out that even some of the head-to-toe shots of Natalie dancing were in fact performed by professional dancer Sarah Lane. If the mark of good CGI is for the audience not to notice it, Darren Aronofsky's gritty, grainy feature is a prime example of good visual effects. Watching the behind-the-scenes video, I'm sure you'll see a lot of elements that you didn't perceive as CGI:

[via FreshDV]

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That´s what I call epic CGI. Like in Forrest Gump, CGI was used to *tell the story* instead of being just a sort of "eye catchy". Great.

March 22, 2011


Thank for sharing. It's surprising how much of the CGI was costume rather than VFX. Very interesting that they chose to do it that way rather than makeup and costume design, but I suppose it allowed the actors a little more freedom and less distraction from the movement. Wonder how physical costumes would have effected performances by adding to the "feel" of the characters for actors (i.e. method acting). Very cool indeed.

March 22, 2011


The link is dead...
Oh, well

March 26, 2011