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Canon Partners with Technicolor to Bring 'CineStyle' Setting to DSLRs for Greater Latitude

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Canon and cinema mainstay Technicolor have announced a “strategic alliance” designed to improve cinema-style shooting on HDSLRs. After reportedly working with professional cinematographers and colorists over the past year, the two companies will jointly unveil a new CineStyle picture profile on Canon DSLRs at NAB, along with a new suite of creative tools designed to “give post-production professionals image files with much greater latitude and versatility when color grading EOS footage.”

This looks to be a standardized “flat” picture style, which to date have been user-generated (as covered in the DSLR guide). Beyond the new picture style, however, one wonders what this suite of creative tools will include, especially considering the press release mentions Technicolor’s Digital Printer Lights. We’ll find out more at NAB; press release below.

Press Release

PARIS & HOLLYWOOD – Technicolor today announced it has formed a strategic alliance with Canon USA, Inc. to leverage Technicolor’s color-science in the development of a suite of creative tools for cinematographers to facilitate greater usability and integration of Canon EOS DSLR cameras into the motion picture and television production pipeline.

The new suite of creative tools will be inaugurated with Technicolor’s CineStyle, that coupled with Technicolor’s Digital Printer Lights, will provide a more seamless pipeline, from principal photography into editorial, for projects filmed using Canon EOS DSLR cameras. Technical tests have been conducted with various camera-lens configurations under the supervision of Technicolor color-scientists with a number of renowned cinematographers.

“Technicolor, once again, is taking an innovative leadership position by their very forward-looking development of tools and workflows to support the deployment of Canon’s EOS DSLR’s into motion picture production,” stated cinematographer, and past ASC president, Daryn Okada.

“Having shot a theatrical feature using Canon’s EOS DSLR’s (1-D Mark IV, 5D Mark II and the 7D),” stated Tom Stern, AFC, ASC, “I am very supportive of Technicolor and Canon working together to develop the ‘CineStyle’ profile. This can only help to serve greater utility of the EOS DSLR’s in production cinematography. I applaud this effort.”

The cooperation between Technicolor and Canon USA, Inc. took place over the last year and was prompted by key professional cinematographers eager to incorporate Canon EOS DSLR cameras into their creative palettes.

Technicolor CineStyle provides cinematographers with a look that allows for the greatest image latitude as production photography moves into editorial and ultimately digital intermediate color-grading and delivery. The new CineStyle will be unveiled at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada April 11-14 as part of the display in the Canon booth (Central Hall #C4325).

“Technicolor has closely followed the adoption of Canon EOS DSLR cameras into the ranks of professional productions,” stated Technicolor’s chief marketing officer, Ahmad Ouri. “We remain committed to cinematographers as they adopt new tools and techniques, and, based on the requests we’ve received from many of our creative clients, we have worked with Canon to provide a stable path, originating with these cameras and flowing effortlessly into our post pipeline.”

“We are astounded at how well Canon EOS DSLR products have been received by the broadcast and film community, and very pleased with the beautiful and creative results that have been produced using our equipment,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies and Communications Group, Canon USA, Inc. “We are excited about Technicolor’s development of their new CineStyle for Canon EOS DSLR cameras, giving post-production professionals image files with much greater latitude and versatility when color grading EOS footage.”
Technicolor remains an industry leader in guiding new means of digital cinematography into the post-production pipeline. Technicolor will also demonstrate at NAB its newest iteration of its industry-leading on-set system, DP Lights as part of the CineStyle demonstrations.

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  • David Fulde on 04.7.11 @ 2:58PM

    Please be downloadable!

  • Very looking forward for this one. Wondering it will be firmware update or other way.

  • a million wows, this is really incredible.

  • But still we got the problems with colorshift when in FCP transcoding the h.264-files to ProRes. Hope this will be solved soon.

    • Thats a apple quicktime messup, they (apple) really have to fix it soon. I’m so fed up with it that i’m actually writing my own Canon converter in python. Like 5DtoRGB but open source.

  • Lostfootage on 04.7.11 @ 5:58PM

    The 7D sucks, we need to stop development for it, the T2i with magic Lantern is far Superior yet it is never mentioned in these articles. FORGET THE 7D EVERYONE!

    • I wouldn’t say that the 7D SUCKS per-se. However I do believe that the T2i is a better option at the moment just because you have the ability to use Magic Lantern software which the 7D isn’t capable of doing at the moment. I am filming a feature film this summer with T2i’s because of the Magic Lantern Capability. I can NOT WAIT to be able to incorporate the Technicolor picture setting in my workflow for that True “Cinema Color” style. This is going to be completely game-changing!!!!

  • Ouchy Wah-Wah.. bad news seems to be weekly for the “Professional” market..
    Wow! Cinema is evolving SO fast..

  • my guess is that this could be:
    * a new picture style, maybe together with a filter to “decode” that picture style in FCP and premiere/AE
    * a new tool for defining personal picture styles

    any of the two would be more than welcome, but neither one sounds revolutionary

    I think the best part of this agreement is what it may mean for future canon products

  • Eric Mills on 04.8.11 @ 9:13AM

    That is very good news

  • Ryan,

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    I think you need to look into how my e-mail was leaked. I also couldn’t find an unsubscribe page, so I just disabled that e-mail address. Your newsletters will bounce now.

    I still like the site, so I think I’ll subscribe to the RSS feed.

    Sorry about contacting you this way, and I hope you (or someone who can contact you) reads this comment. Good luck!


    • Sorry to hear that. I haven’t had any other reports of spam, and I’m monitoring all outgoing emails with my own addresses. My newsletter provider, Aweber, is really good about preventing spam too. There’s also an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email…

      I’d be willing to bet some spambot found you — even if you don’t use that email address anywhere else.

  • If this is just a flat picture profile with the Technicolor brand slapped on it, then I’ll be disappointed. Shooting flat to h264 then grading in post can be a recipe for disaster.

    BUT…if they do a firmware update to record in a better codec that doesn’t fall apart in grading…then i will pee my pants a little. Would be awesome.

    • For most Canon DSLRs, I *think* the h.264 encoding is done by its own hardware chip that’s hard-coded. I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if they could change anything about it (other than the bitrate, perhaps).

  • Pedro Camilo on 04.10.11 @ 6:54PM


    Muchas gracias por el envío semanal de estos mensajes que me ayudan a conocer los últimos detalles sobre el mundo de la videografía, principalmente la asociada a las cámaras reflex digitales. Como siempre, recibe un abrazo de Pedro Camilo.

  • Where is the much anticipated NAB 2011 announcement from Canon about the Technicolor ‘Cinestyle Profile’ for DSLRs ?? Haven’t heard a peep and NAB is a wrap!