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NAB Video: ECC Tools' All-in-One HDSLR Rig

04.12.11 @ 7:09PM Tags : , , , ,

FreshDV checks out the O’Connor booth, where ECC Tools is showing off a Terminator-like 5D rig that includes HD-SDI-output conversion, battery solutions, and is constructed mostly of cheese plates:

OConner & ECC DSLR Cage

Link: ECC Tools


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  • Lostfootage on 04.12.11 @ 8:38PM

    MAGIC LANTERN!!! Hello.
    5D and T2i are the main cameras real pros are using in the field.

    • “real pro’s” …?
      Who are you to be telling… SHOUTING at, this audience what to use?
      A sothsayer, guru, OMG a “PROFESSIONAL” … what?

      The 7D is a tool – no more, no less. Used wisely and appropriately a VERY good tool.
      I’ve been shooting for over 40 years and don’t have a problem with the 7D for what it IS!

      How about you use your obviously superior intellect(?), experience(?) and/or knowledge(?) to explain WHY we MUST listen to YOU! (caps intended).

      ‘iamshaun’ – if this rig does what is claimed (and there is no reason to believe otherwise) then $2,000 – $3,000 is not expensive! A GREAT idea.

      • Magic Lantern runs on the 550d – doesn’t on the 7D. Same chip etc just cheaper – but the bonus is Magic Lantern hack and what it allows to do… Kills the 7D and anything else when you have ML installed.. up the bitrate for example – zebras, Follow focus ! tons of other hacks and mods .. that’s why Champ! :)

  • DAMN! Very nice, but $2,000-$3,000? Womp womp.

  • This might be the best shoulder rig type set-up I’ve ever seen! Well worth the $2-3k for this considering a Zacuto rig is nearly $2k and doesn’t even do as much as this does…

    I’m curious to how this actually works though. Does it need some firmware override on it, like Magic Lantern, or does this unit automatically override your camera’s functions and enables audio levels, plugging in mics, etc.?