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Top Stories from March

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If you don’t get the NoFilmSchool newsletter, which cleanly summarizes each week’s stories in one concise email — or if you’re just wondering which posts were the most trafficked this month — here are the top ten posts from the just-concluded month of March. Note: this favors posts earlier in the month, since something posted a day or two ago has not had as much time to rack up the pageviews.

  1. How to Build a Hackintosh That’s Faster than a Mac Pro for Half the Price – Updated
  2. First RED EPIC Footage is… Unspectacular. Though It Might Not Be the Camera’s Fault.
  3. RED EPIC HDRx Makes ‘Impossible’ Shots Possible
  4. With a New Final Cut Pro on the Way and New MacBook Pros with Thunderbolt, Apple Pro is Back
  5. Get 33 Final Cut Pro and After Effects Plugins from CoreMelt for Free
  6. Does the Sony F3 Have 5X the Light Gathering Ability of the RED EPIC?
  7. Now That’s More Like It: 5K RED EPIC Footage at 96 FPS is Stunning
  8. Fifteen Things to Prepare for when Making a Film
  9. Music vs. Silence: 5 Simple Rules for a Better Film
  10. Will Apple Split Up Final Cut Studio and Sell the Components a la Carte?


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