May 23, 2011

AJA Ki Pro Mini Field Recorder Now In Stock

One of the main differences between cameras costing >$10k and cheaper HD/DSLR camcorders is the recording codec. Out of necessity (or simply because manufacturers want to differentiate their lineups), the cheaper cameras generally ship with a lossy compression scheme that doesn't hold up as well to color correction. The solution is an external recorder (provided your camera has a good HDMI or HD-SDI output), and the Aja Ki Pro Mini is a nicely-sized $2k recorder that uses Apple ProRes (pictured next to its bigger brother, the Ki Pro). The Ki Pro Mini has been out for a few months but it's been fairly hard to find in terms of availability, and now it's in stock at B&H Photo. For anyone who's been thinking of upgrading their current rig with an external recorder, the Mini is a top candidate; here's a review at ProVideo Coalition, and here's a video overview from AbelCine:

Link: AJA Ki Pro Mini In Stock - B&H Photo

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Is it possible to get uncompressed (or less compressed) hdmi from canon DSLR cameras?

May 24, 2011


Apparently, only from the 7D.

May 24, 2011


Do you mean capturing fullsize monitor signal from HDMI or 7D has real Uncompressed HDMI?

May 25, 2011


What about the red dot while recording on the 7D?

May 26, 2011


These are great! We shot our whole short film with a 350 and the Ki Pro mini's, worked flawlessly and let us make a rough cut while we traveled to locations.

May 24, 2011