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Apple Set to Release FCP X Next Week Alongside New Thunderbolt Accessories

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Reports are surfacing that Apple’s much-ballyhooed 64-bit editing application Final Cut Pro X will be released in the Mac App Store next week. AppleInsider has further confirmed the application will be released “in the next 10 days.” No word on whether this release also includes Motion, Color, Soundtrack Pro, or any other applications that may make up a professional content-creation suite, but the reports also mention that we should expect additional releases alongside the software:

These additional releases are in fact third-party (not Apple-branded) Thunderbolt accessories. No word on whether these are hard drives, displays, data transfer accessories, or all of the above. We’ll see next week. As a reminder, here’s a video of Thunderbolt’s substantially-increased transfer speeds and connectivity abilities:

[via CNET]


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