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Win $10,000 of Filmmaking Equipment in ikan's 2011 Video Contest (Deadline: Sept 6)

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Film/video equipment manufacturer ikan is running a short film competition in which they’ll be giving out $17,000 worth of equipment to winners. The contest is open for any entries 3.5 minutes or less that haven’t already been published elsewhere, and asks that viewers follow the theme “Where is the Missing Piece?” $10k of equipment goes to first place, $5k to second, and $2k to third (to go along with the exposure winners receive). Oh, and I’m one of the judges. Deadline is September 6th, 2011; here are the details.

Create a short film that abides by the Judging Criteria stated below and you could win a prize package of more than $10,000, in addition to having your work viewed by some of the industry’s hottest rising stars!

All You Have To Do To Enter Is:
– Create your entry of no more than 3 ½ minutes, making sure to abide by the official rules and judging criteria
– Upload your video to
– Send us your completed entry form by the stated deadline (you can send it in regardless of whether or not you have finished the actual film… so get it sent off to us early!)
– Kick back until the winners are announced

DISCLOSURE: ikan is a NoFilmSchool advertiser.

Link: ikan Video Contest 2011


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  • The link for where to upload the video isn’t correct. It should be

    What Ikan typed on the contest page is what you have here, but clicking their link redirects you to the above URL. :) Anyway, cool news—thanks for sharing!

  • The rules of the contest seem really strange to me. I mean, come on, the winner has to pay for taxes and shipping of 10.000 $ worth equipment? I’m not sure i could afford to win…

  • Is it open to international participants?

    • Same ? as above, really interested and i don’t mind paying for int. shipping… i’m used to it.

      • I’m not really concerned of paying the int. shipping but the taxes which have to be paid in the specific american state AND in the country I am living. If it’s the case I must pay 30% of 10.000 $ and excuse me but thats a lot !

    • To answer a couple of questions:

      !) Yes, the contest is open to international endusers.We had multiple non-US participants last year and they all contributed great pieces.
      2) this year, shipping, unfortunately, has to be paid by the enduser. But, frankly, focus on winning first. creative means will always arise in times of need.
      3)the list of prizes is mentioned above by Koo, but i’ll repost it :
      on the very same page, it also mentions the drop off site (vimeo) as well as the judges for this year’s contest.

      Hope to see everyone interested come and participate! Cheers,


  • I was reading the judging criteria and they want the film to make use of their brand and products. The example video is quite ridiculous with a guy proposing to a monitor and follow focus. How serious are they about having to include their gear in the story like that?

    • I was wondering the same question. I don’t own any of their products and have some ideas for a script, but don’t know the seriousness of the judging.

      • Still no answer if it’s needed to put the ikan brand in your film.
        I want to know how serious the judges will take this criteria.
        And if so, does any ikan product has to come in the film, or is it enough to say “shot with a ikan follow focus”?
        I hope Koo or any other judge can respond to this.

        • Yeah, please answer, because maybe I can just buy a bag or something as opposed to spending hundreds on a monitor.

          • Koo,
            can you please reply to this?

          • In the guidelines it says, “Use our products, our name, our logo or all three.” So you don’t have to have a product, you can show their logo or say their name or…

  • Is it open to international participants?

  • I don’t see anything restricting to the contest to U.S entrants, but I’ve asked ikan to answer your questions here.

  • Is there an official list of prizes, or just the possibilities? I, for one, couldn’t find a use for a majority of those prizes, so if I were to win (hypothetically), it would be nice to at least know what I was getting.

  • This is the best:

    “IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to keep it clean. Nudity, foul language and obscene or profane behavior are not recommended! Fight scenes, explosions, gunfire and light saber fights are perfectly fine.”

    … what kind of world we live in… : (

  • Chaoz Studios on 07.3.11 @ 6:33AM

    Is this Contest Open for people all over The World? Since i am Living in Germany….


    • Yes, it’s answered in the comments above by ikan: “Yes, the contest is open to international endusers.We had multiple non-US participants last year and they all contributed great pieces.”

  • Real proud of you Koo, judging contests, about to hit 5K facebook likes…really enjoying watching your rise…