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Zacuto's 'Great Camera Shootout 2011' Episode 2 Explains Sensors and Sensitivity

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Zacuto’s second episode of their documentary on the Single Chip Camera Evaluation conducted by Robert Primes, ASC is now live. The cameras tested include 35mm film (Kodak 5213 and 5219 stock), the Arri Alexa, RED ONE M-X, Weisscam HS-2, Phantom Flex, Sony F35, Sony F3, Panasonic AF100, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 1D Mark IV and Nikon D7000. This episode includes a lot of great explanations about camera sensors, sensitivity, and noise, and even features an appearance by yours truly (at 27:00) where I try to explain sensitivity as “an alchemy that you can’t measure”:

Click on the below chart for episode two; episode one, in case you missed it is embedded below.

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Excellent work by all the shooters and editors at Zacuto and the Single Chip Camera Evaluation.

Link: The Great Camera Shootout 2011: SCCE ~ Episode Two

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  • What IS this obsession with all things ISO + & low light capability? Great films, short or feature are made with all

    If you think 8000 ISO is the zenith of ‘ant’s pants’ ratings then it’s seriously doubtful you’re actually dedicated to making films. More likely you’re impressed with the gear or dodging bullets, the FBI, Mafia or the Taliban.

  • [cont.] … all aspects of film making.

    • No one’s saying having a sensitive camera — or knowing which camera is the most sensitive — is a substitute for any other element of filmmaking…

  • the SCCE 2011 is just what a professional needs to know. Story telling is feeling an emotion thru our eyes; color and detail range can share many different emotions, which emotion are you looking for, that best tells your story? this is why, its vital that we know what equipment can do, to achieve our story.