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The Numbers Are In: the Sony F3 S-Log Firmware Upgrades its Dynamic Range to 13.5 Stops

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Sony’s paid S-Log upgrade for its F3 camcorder has been out in the wild for a while now, but to date no one has released a scientific test of how much extra dynamic range the $3,600 upgrade adds to the camera. Abel Cine has just done so, and they find the firmware takes the camcorder from from 12 to 13.5 stops (which is awfully close to ARRI ALEXA territory — and that camera costs $75k). Here’s the test:

Stay tuned to Abel Cine for future updates on the Sony F3, as Andy Shipsides “will show S-Log in actual situations (outside, low light etc), and then show how to use Sony’s CVP File Editor to create some custom LUTs for the camera.”

Link: S-Log and the Sony F3 – Part 1: On the Charts


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