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Red Giant Releases Magic Bullet Mojo for Final Cut Pro X, Offers a 50% Discount for All Editors

When Apple released Final Cut Pro X, they did so without giving third-party plugin developers access ahead of time; thus there’s been a shortage of add-ons for the controversial app. Red Giant Software has just released their first plugin to be ported to FCPX, and it’s one of their simpler apps, Magic Bullet Mojo. FCPX’s current architecture doesn’t support some of the more complicated functionality included in Looks or Colorista, so X editors will have to make do with the simpler interface of Mojo for the time being. As a bonus, however, Red Giant has cut the price in half for this week only, bringing it down to $49 — and the coupon code works on all platforms, not just FCPX. Here’s the program in action:

Use the coupon code MOJOFCPX for a 50% discount.

Link: Magic Bullet Mojo

[via ProLost]


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  • Remember back when the coupon made it only $25? That was extra awesome. Even at this price, it’s still a great deal. Very handy plugin, I’m glad I picked it up.

  • How about this: some company releases a plugin to allow Final Cut Pro X owners to actually use it as if it was a pro editing software. That company could be Adobe. And could call it Premiere.

  • Fabdex :
    It would be a help for us to know if you’re being alliterative, euphemistic, allegorical, allusive, analogous, metaphorical, obfuscatory or just like the sound of your own synecdoche.

    If you must bag FCP-X or promote Premiere then be honest and provide intelligent commentary that adds to our day.