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Leaving It All on the Court with 24 Hours Left: Everything I've Done to Promote #Manchild

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Exactly 24 hours left in the Man-child campaign, and we’re so close! Despite this screencap from my Twitter campaign video, I haven’t had a team to help. But what I have had is help from a lot of other websites! So in addition to writing a dozen posts about Man-child here on NoFilmSchool, participating in Independent Film Week, Facebooking and Twittering almost non-stop, and writing my own Press Release — all while simultaneously trying to post the latest helpful news about filmmaking here, as usual — I’ve also thankfully popped on a lot of other web sites. Some of these were guest posts, some were interviews, and some were posts written by others out of the simple desire to help the campaign. This has been a community effort that has made it this far thanks to, literally, thousands of people. I can’t say it enough: thank you so much for helping. It takes a village! As I say in the post title — and to use a sports analogy — I’ve left it all on the court. Now we’re on the cusp of making history together. Here’s a list of appearances elsewhere that I’ve been able to keep track of over the last 37 days:


Guest Posts

News/Blog Coverage

Finally, as all this was going on, I was also fortunate enough to be recognized as one of 25 participants in IFP and the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Emerging Visions program, one of 20 scripts selected for IFP’s Emerging Narrative program, and one of 6 filmmakers selected for IFP and NYC Media’s Emerging Artist Future of Film Today video profiles (which will be playing on, on Channel 25 in the tri-state area, and in the back of New York City taxicabs soon). Jeez, that’s a lot of “emerging” — if I don’t actually emerge with a feature after all this it would certainly be a disappointment! And as you can see, I owe everyone at IFP — big time. More than I know how to express. If you’re an independent filmmaker, especially in the NYC area, you should join IFP. Nuff said!

Again, thank you to all of the websites that have helped the campaign along, not to mention the thousands of you who have helped on Twitter. Remember to tune in live Friday at 9pm Eastern or come to the NYC party (RSVP here), kicking off at 8pm!

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  • Hi Koo, I have the greatest respect for you! Your blog and weekly round-up keeps me on the ball and to my own shame I never properly investigated Man-child when you blitzkrieged us followers for support. Only now while doing research for my own project and going through all the data you so unselfishly shared I realized what you have accomplished and what you gave us. If you need anymore support please let us know how we can help.

    p.s – If you want to start an international crew program to get people from overseas to help when you start production I will most certainly be interested!

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