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Camera Wars on Another Front: RED Sues ARRI After Being Hacked by Former Executive

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Resolution. Sensor size. Frame rates. Dynamic range. These are terms we’re used to hearing in the ongoing battle between camera manufacturers. Now there’s another term you can add to the mix in the battle between RED and ARRI: “lawsuit.” This one’s not particularly straightforward, as it seems camera shop Band Pro’s President and CEO, Amnon Band, had his email hacked by former employee Michael Bravin after Bravin left Band Pro for ARRI. ARRI is quick to point out that Bravin acted on his own, but the plot thickens as RED’s Jim Jannard mentioned that his emails were also accessed illegally. Given there is no such thing as a pretty legal battle, this could get ugly:

Bravin has pled guilty of accessing Band Pro emails from December 2009 through June 2010. Jim Jannard says his full time job is dealing with ARRI now, and that “Unfortunately, this will get messy. Not what anyone would vote for. Certainly not me.” When asked if ARRI was suing RED, RED’s Jarred Land replied that the opposite is true. We’ll see what comes of this… The full legal document is below.

Link: US District Court, Central District of California PDF


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  • Awww…man. It’d be pretty shocking if Arri ends up in trouble…they’ve been around since 1917…it’d be a real stain on an illustrious brand.

  • Arri can cry ‘loan wolf’ all they like but at the end of the day – if it can be proven they benefited one iota from Bravins illegal activity…well I wouldnt want to be them facing down someone like JJ.

    On a lighter note I wonder which camera will be used to make the movie out of all this ;-)

  • Alec Sprinkle on 09.26.11 @ 9:36AM

    Yeah, I heard the trail begins next month … now delayed until January 2012 … now it’s called EpicTrial … now it’s discontinued.

    More to come Nov. 3rd.

  • Big marketing ploy from RED. ARRI is about to eat RED for lunch with their upcoming 4K camera. Don’t believe the hype. Particularly if it originates on

    • They’ll eat RED’s lunch with a camera that hasn’t been even announced yet? Of course they are working on it, they all have been working on it for years, but any announcement from Arri will make the camera at least 6-12 months away from that date. This is how these things usually happen. Also, not that I don’t think they will release a 4K camera in the near future, but here’s a direct quote from their website:

      “Achieving the highest K figure is of less importance…..Given that 4K digital workflows are still in their infancy, and that for the foreseeable future most productions will finish in 2K or HD, ALEXA is the perfect choice for theatrical features as well as television productions…….So, for the foreseeable future, ALEXA is ideally suited for 2K or HD workflows in 2D and 3D.”

    • I’m calling this RED hype machine at work. RED did get a jump start on making digital camera while ARRI was busy making film camera for nearly a century. ARRI can’t feel too threatened by RED

  • Wow. This could be a bit of a hindrance for bother companies. So sad.