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Only One Week Left to Make 'Man-child' a Reality, Plus New Rewards (Including a Blu-ray)!

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I must be hitting the wall. It’s taking me forever to write this short post, which should be simple and straightforward since I already announced this over email and in the Kickstarter updates. Fatigue! Anyway, it’s the last week of my campaign to make my first feature film. It could make history, or it could make nothing. Pressure’s on! Last week, I only wrote one story about Man-child, but because it’s an all or nothing campaign, you’ll probably see a few more this week. Don’t forget my entire life has been leading up to this! When it concludes (Friday September 23 at 11:59pm Eastern) — successful or not — everything will go back to normal around here.

The big news for this last week: NEW REWARD LEVELS! There were some significant gaps in the project’s incentives, so I’ve filled them in by adding levels with some great new stuff, including a high-definition Blu-ray, signed DVDs, a download of the full shooting script, an on-set visit, and downloadable extras (upgrade from $10 to $15 for the full DVD experience… without the DVD!). As with the existing levels, these numbers correspond to a specific number of frames of Man-child that you’re enabling.

If you’re already a backer — thank you! — you’ll notice the original green “BACK THIS PROJECT” button has turned to a blue “MANAGE YOUR PLEDGE” button that will allow you to switch to one of these new levels, if see something you like. Thank you for your continued support these next few days!

Link: Man-child Kickstarter campaign, only a few days left!


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  • Peter Hainzl on 09.17.11 @ 12:59PM

    I have followed this site for over a year now. To give a little bit back I decided to back this project. And I’m thrilled and really hope that this film is going to be real.

    But I have to ask: What about all these companies which trade on this indie filmmaking scene, do they feel any obligation to support a campaign like this?

    • Thanks for your support Peter!

      Can you clarify “companies which trade on this indie filmmaking scene”?

      • Peter Hainzl on 09.18.11 @ 5:08AM

        Sites like yours are not only a valuable source for us consumers but also for companies which profit the most, I would say.

        I see some sponsors on your site, this is great. But usually advertising is short-term investment, most of the time to sell specific products. Smart companies (should) also consider their corporate image. For me generosity (to their employees, customers and partners) and social responsibility is part of an “environmentally” friendly image. I do prefer such companies.

        Your campaign is a great opportunity to show generosity and actually it’s long-term investment.

  • I have been following this site for some time and have really enjoyed your posts and everything you have had to offer. I also backed your project I really hope this project gets made.

    I think Peter was referring to your sponsors…?

  • Koo’s got Hoop Dreams, I hope they come true

  • i do hope you make it… do you have a plan b? friends of mine completed their crowdsource budget at the last minute with corporate sponsoring, eg. exclusive pre-sale to a digital film platform. not sure if theres a legal way to do that on kickstarter though.

  • As part of your endgame, perhaps you could ask folks (since they’re already committed) to jump up just one level higher in their pledge? I’d do it. Would that be too bold? I’ll bet if everyone that has already pledged did that, we’d be really close!

  • What else can I do for you, Koo? I’m tweetin ya, I’ve told my friends on facebook. Just tell me what else and I’ll do it. We owe you so much as a community, and you deserve to have this film funded.

  • Thank you so much guys, you’re doing all I could hop for and more! We’ve gained momentum over the past 3 days, hopefully will keep it up! I’m doing a bunch of guest posts and won’t be sleeping this week!

  • I really believe in this project Koo, I love the idea. I’ve only been reading your blog for a couple months now, but I think you have a great idea with Man-Child. I’m happy to offer up my support.