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How to Animate a Kickstarter Widget in After Effects (Thanks to Joke and Biagio)

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During the Man-child Kickstarter campaign I received a few questions about my pitch video, which included an animated example of the Kickstarter widget. This is not something that originated with my campaign — it was a creation of the filmmaking team Joke and Biagio, who first used it in their Dying to do Letterman campaign, and then shared it for anyone else to use. It’s a very nice tool to help illustrate how a crowdfunding campaign works, so if you’re going to run your own campaign, you might find this useful:

I modified the animation a bit, adding a slight stroke to the border to better separate it from the background, and I also made the layers 3D in After Effects in order to give the widget some subtle lighting, but that is just me being aesthetically picky. Hit the link below for their source files, and it looks like you can back their project on IndieGoGo despite the Kickstarter campaign having ended.

Link: Dying to do Letterman: Kickstarter for an Oscar® & Beyond by Joke and Biagio » Free Graphics for YOUR Kickstarter Campaign

Speaking of Kickstarter, here are a couple of interesting projects worth checking out. The first is by Wide Open Camera’s Jared Abrams, who many of you know thanks to his invaluable contributions to the indie film/camera communities over the years. Help him out if you can!


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  • Good but keep in mind that not only kickstarter you can do this with you can use this technique for many others

  • I see their campaign on IndieGoGo isn’t exploding like the one on Kickstarter. I’ve had serious issues with people not being able to contribute at levels over $100 or so. As a result, my campaign hasn’t gone anywhere. (

    Has anyone had issues with contributors not being able to donate money with IndieGoGo? If so, someone needs to warn people not to use that service to raise funds. I’ve basically wasted 30 days using it and now my project isn’t going to be pushed out unnecessarily.

    • I don’t think they publicized the IndieGoGo campaign, and I’m not sure if it was even up at the same time. I haven’t heard of anyone having issues with IGG, and I’ve personally contributed to a few campaigns without issue.

      • Well, we’re like two years late leaving a comment! Thanks Ryan so much for featuring us on your blog. Great to see you taking the graphics we made and making them better! No, we didn’t publicize the Indiegogo campaign, it was actually put up afterwards because a few people asked if they could still donate, so we just forwarded some of the traffic there.

        Congrats on all your success, Ryan, and thanks again.