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Zacuto's Great Camera Shootout Concludes with Motion Artifact, Color, and Skin Tone Tests

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Zacuto’s excellent behind-the-scenes look at the Single Chip Camera Evaluation concludes with a comparison of motion artifacts, color and skin tone on the ARRI ALEXA, RED ONE-MX, Sony F3, Panasonic AF100, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, Nikon D7000, Kodak 35mm film, and a few others as well. Here’s the trailer; click on the image below for the full 25-minute episode.

Zacuto keeps the episodes on their own site initially, but the first two episodes are now available for embedding. To wit:

I would’ve loved to have seen an EPIC in the test, given whatever RED puts up for sale on November 3rd will be a lower-cost version of the EPIC, but we’ll have to wait for Zacuto’s Revenge of the Camera Shootout (which they mention in episode three) for that.

Link: The Great Camera Shootout 2011: SCCE ~ Episode Three

DISCLOSURE: Zacuto is an advertiser on NoFilmSchool.


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  • why they don´t test hacked gh2 but shitty old af100 ..aah :(

  • CraftyClown on 10.9.11 @ 6:10AM

    Err, I’m sorry but why is the AF100 shitty? I own both the GH2 and the AF100 and I can safely say it is horses for courses. I would never dream of doing a professional job with my GH2. Yes the hack massively improves the IQ over that of the AF100, but frankly IQ is not everything and it is silly to think so.

  • wow in normal situations its difficult to see all this differences

  • What’s interesting to me is that even though the technical quality of the DSLRs is objectively horrible (most evident in part 2, IIRC), we’re still able to get some really good looking footage out of them.

    It just shows that pixel peeping and technical quality isn’t everything.

    …it sure would be nice to have less moire/aliasing and rolling shutter, though…

  • I missed the Pana GH2 (hacked) but I think there was “politics” involved in the decision of leaving the Gh2 out.