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Get Ready for Dueling Camera Announcements from Canon and RED Tonight

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At 3pm PST, Canon will announce their new professional motion picture camcorder(s). At 6pm PST, RED will do the same. The latest rumors are that Canon will announce two camcorders, one EF and one PL mount, and that the name (according to this store, at least, is the Canon EOS 300C (which I have my doubts about)). Meanwhile RED’s Jim Jannard has been alternately hyping and managing expectations for their SCARLET. Stay tuned tonight for the official announcements, but in the meantime here are the latest rumored specs of what’s coming from Canon:

  • EF lens mount
  • Dual CF Card Slots
  • Built in ND filters
  • Super35mm Sensor
  • HDMI and HDSDI output
  • Hot shoe mounted HD monitor
  • Dual XLR audio inputs
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Full HD uncompressed output via HD-SDI connector

This specs list pegs the camera’s resolution at 1080p, but as I mentioned before, Canon is taking 4K seriously, as you can see in this year-old video from Jared Abrams (check out his Kickstarter campaign!):

We’ll see at 6pm Eastern, and then just hours later we’ll hear from RED. Stay tuned!

[via Canon Rumors]


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  • Canon will not make their “Historic Event” for Hollywood with 1080p. It needs to be able to compete with cameras that are built to handle a massive screen. Sure, television shows could use it, but they would rather stick with the red one right now. There are plenty of high performance 1080p cameras that nobody wants because they are 4 times the price of the 5DMKII. Canon is bringing something with at least 2K resolution or they will be laughed at.

    • I agree with your point that they won’t bring a knife to a gunfight, but wanted to point out that 2k (2048×1556) is not that much more than 1920×1080 HD resolution. A big Hollywood event with such fanfare doesn’t seem likely for anything below 4k, unless they really screw it up.

  • Get Bizzy Browne on 11.3.11 @ 1:45PM

    Wow I cant wait, interesting specs but cant wait to hear the prices

  • right now i don’t care about canon that much i want RED Scarlet

    • Me too, but at what price ? Still, I’m intrigued by Canon. Their pro stuff is pretty good.

  • Chris Hubbard on 11.3.11 @ 1:48PM

    koo, is there anywhere i can watch a live stream of the announcements?

    • Weird, I guess the blog doesn’t allow me to post links (or too many links). Two sites are liveblogging the events: planet5d and fxguide.

      • Links are totally cool but I think it automatically “moderates” if someone posts a ton of links at once. Yes, Planet5D and FXGuide are liveblogging it and I’ll be doing a pseudo-liveblog here.

  • I thought rumors was Canon will announced three different video cameras.

    RED will announced Scarlet and something else.

  • I can almost Guarantee its not going to have the EOS name attached to it. That would be almost retarded and confuse the shit out of people, because that line is associated with its photography cameras with video capability. Thats like Adobe coming out with Photoshop video edition.

  • Canon vs. Red – Consumer will be the winner.

  • My production partner called, apparently we have credentials to go to a Canon related event at Paramount Studios tomorrow (11/4). I can only assume it’s press demos of their camera so I’ll weigh in with my opinion.

  • Canon 6k camera t minus 2 hours

  • What’s 3pm PST? What’s PST?

  • Howie Murray on 11.3.11 @ 5:13PM

    I still think it is going to be the Scarlett mass produced by Canon. Same announcement by both companies…. why else would they happen to be duelling it out on the same day?

    Does anyone actually know the physical location of the two different announcements? Are they right next door to each other?

  • The trick is to bring a superb quality to the table. Not necessarily resolution although that is good. But skin tones, shadow detail, highlight detail, latitude, 1 to 60 fps, no rolling shutter or jello effect, super clean night shots, no noise, no moire, no pixelation, velvety blacks, an almost organic filmic look. Ease of use, weather proof, lots of programmable buttons, easy to handle, exc viewing screen, great codec, etc.

    If Canon can do that in 1920, then you have something to crow about. the Sony F35 did it for $250,000 and many pros to this day still swear it is one of the best. Even over Alexa and RED. I saw some of the stuff and all I can say is wow. Now Sony has the F65 with an 8K chip but is true 4K in the picture. that camera just nailed film dead. if Canon can do what the F35 did, even at 1920, then I am very interested. I sell my Mk2 and get that – and use my current Zeiss 35mm glass too! Lots of fun. but it still boils down to the story, guys.

    We will soon find out.

  • Right now…I’m gaming for the new PAN ag – af 100 because it just simply fits my budget; as much as both this new Canon and Sony’s versions, both for under 15 grand look sweet. But just too much. so, I won’t even think about going to the SCARLET.

    I understand the point of the story being the bottom line, but coming from a writer like myself with an MFA in Screenwriting; a few low, low budget specs sold under my belt…I’ve learned some tough lessons these past few years, the main point being: it’s really about finding the right equipment for your budget and directing your own script, then just having the bottom line being about the story.

    I know too many DPs and directors, who don’t know shit about writing. Nothing about story at all.
    And they won’t get in league with writers. But they’ve got the bucks to get their own equipment and make their own films. So, they write crappy scripts but shoot beautiful movies, that never take off but still end up making lotsa bucks making commercials and music videos — because those are great to look at but are not long visual narratives.

    In more and more of a visually driven narrative world…if you can patch enough stuff together to have at least the nuts and bolts logistics down — equipment — you can still patch together a cast and small crew; and do a lot of rewriting and writing.

    Whereas too many beautiful looking movies don’t have enough heft to have a solid story behind them, they’ve still been able to be successful. So, let’s face it, it’s just not about the bottom line being about the story and writing. It’s just not. We’ve had too many great looking, bought movies at Sundance and other places, which have just failed to catch on with the public. And bottom out at the market place. because the story sucks.

    Now, as a writer and director and editor…working on directing my first feature since leaving LA; I’ve had to play catch up fast on the tech side — which I don’t want to do. But have to anyway. I’ve had to re tool a lot of my energies in putting together the right coin to direct an indie feature — which I don’t want to do; because it simply takes me away from focusing totally on the story. But, if that’s what it ends up being…for me to get this rolling, then I do it.