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Canon 5D Mark II, Still the Best Full Frame HDSLR, Goes on Sale with Free Bundled Accessories

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Canon 5D Mark II HDSLR DSLR VDSLRI saw mentioned on a few other blogs that the price of the Canon 5D Mark II — still the only best full frame video camera in the world1 — had dropped to $2k. “Nice,” I thought, thinking back to how I paid $2500 for mine — but I wasn’t sure if that was cause for an entire blog post. Then I saw that, because of a price war, B&H is throwing in a whole bundle of stuff included in that $2k price: a SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card, a Lowepro Adventura 170 Shoulder Bag, and the Red Giant B&H Video Production Software Bundle (reportedly worth $720 collectively). And free US shipping. You’re not going to find a better deal than this — the only question is whether you’d rather wait for the next full frame HDSLR from Canon (which is the 1DX… which will retail for $7k). The 5D Mark III probably won’t be out for quite some time, given Canon needs to give the 1DX room the breathe. One other thing to mention: the Mark II has terrific resale value due in part to its excellence as a still camera.

Link: Canon EOS 5D Mark II w/ Bundle – B&H Photo

  1. Oops, realized the Nikon D3s is full frame… but only does 720p. []


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  • within the past couple months I picked up a 60D and a couple of lenses and accessories. I really want this camera…but I also really want to eat…

  • That bundle is currently $2319.95 at B&H.

  • Yup saw this link at another site and couldn’t pass this one up for my Xmas gift to myself. Incredible deal if you ask me

  • You can get a refurbished body for 1699 on canons website. 1999 is an okay deal, not anything to write about

    • A) Canon is out of stock.
      B) Refurbished has a 90 day warranty instead of 1 year.
      C) $700 of bundled accessories at B&H.

    • aDREAMmedia on 12.15.11 @ 3:15PM

      Got a referb one too, but it had a dead pixel and it was a pain to return it. In order for me to get another camera within 1 to 2 weeks, I had to buy another 5D (they gave me free next day shipping which is really 2 day shipping no matter the time you purchase it), send the broken one back and wait for a refund on the money. Thankfully I had the money or I would have been out $1900 and no camera. Just a heads up when buying referbs.

  • Hi Koo – can you post or send me the link for $1,999.95 ??? – i only see the kit for $2319.95 on the B&H site – i would like to pick one up today – thanx

  • I just checked and have it in my cart for 1999.95

  • I’m glad I didn’t buy one last week. Thanks for the heads up Koo, just ordered mine!

  • Why are people so obsessed on DSLRs for video? The last thing you need for video is a mirror.
    The GH2 beats all those Canons in resolution and features, The Sony NEX-7 is finally available.
    And they can take any lenses from C-mounts to telescopes. If it is just to look pro, just add a matt box.

  • Why are people so obsessed with DSLRs for video? The last thing you need for video is a mirror.
    (actually, the one thing you DON’T need)
    The GH2 beats all those Canons in resolution and features, and with the hack can go up to 200Mbps i-Frame. The Sony NEX-7 is finally available with much better control and viewfinder.
    And they can take any lenses from C-mounts to Nikons / Canon FD / Contax / Canon EOS, even telescopes.
    I know the GH2 looks like a toy, but if it is just to looking pro is more important than results, just add a matt box.

    • GH2 still not full frame like the 5DMkII…makes a big difference. GH2 isn’t being used to shoot features (Hollywood features that is), or television shows…

      • Why should full frame make any difference if the end result is indistinguishable from a Mk. II and a GH2?

        What’s more – you’ll be easily able to achieve the same DOF with a spectacular lens like the f/.95 Voightlander as you would with the 5D and a Canon 1.8. Plus you’ll have saved about $2000 and won’t have to worry about moire, recording limits, pisspoor audio, overheating, or any of the other PITA factors of the 5D.

        I don’t care if CSI or House are using 5Ds to shoot 30 seconds of footage in an episode. I care about what the best bang for my buck is, and the GH2 is a no-brainer.

  • Ewan Thomas on 12.16.11 @ 11:11AM

    I’d take a 5D every day of the week (and I’ve got a 7D a Nex5n and a 550D) why? Because it’s full-frame and that chip looks magical. Watch Rubber on a massive plasma TV and you’ll know why.

    GH2′s have great feature sets (with the hack) but that 5D sensor is fantastic. Specs aren’t everything, the look of that camera is really special and not yet bettered on a DSLR in my opinion.

    • Aah, reassuring to hear that, the GH2philes were starting to give me a complex ; )

    • Have you seen a direct comparison of a hacked GH2 and a 5D? The footage is virtually indistinguishable.

      I used to be a Canon nut – and then I rented a GH2 for a shoot. Within a week, I had put all of my Canon gear on Ebay. The GH2 is really a top-notch underdog, and I’m sort of glad more people don’t know about it yet. ;)

      • Try shooting at very low light condition with no extra lighting support. If you get the same result on GH2 as what you get from 5D Mark II, then post it here and I would then believe in your statements…

  • Is full frame worth paying twice the price? Also, a lot of talk about the smaller sensor is about the look of the image. What about the crop factor? Due to lens selection and other factors, is it easier to compose wider shots on APS-C and full frame sensors than a M43?

  • Thanks for the post! I just got one….and ordered Canon 50 mm f1.4 separately.