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New Panasonic GH2 Patches and Film Modes from EOSHD

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I don’t own or shoot on a Panasonic GH2, but whenever I cover its hacked firmware releases the installation instructions always sound a bit daunting. Now EOSHD has released new patches and “film modes” for the camera, which offer similar functionality to existing GH2 hacks but (possibly?) easier installation. Says EOSHD’s Andrew Reid, “I believe them to be the most optimal patches and film modes for the best image quality currently possible on the GH2.”

The list of features for the first of the patches (there are three in all, as represented by the icons above):

  1. 200Mbit AVCHD 1080/24p
  2. Max ISO 12,800
  3. 80Mbit Anamorphic 2.66:1 MJPEG
  4. 44Mbit AVCHD 1080/24p fail-safe mode for added reliability
  5. All menu languages, PAL / NTSC menu and removal of the 30 minute EU clip limit

Hit the links below for the downloads, and please share your results!



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  • I hesitated for a while to hack my GH2 but I’m really glad I did. For anyone that’s still a little nervous, I’d also recommend the following instructions which have pictures to go along with the process. It’s actually very easy – just make sure you’re using a fully-charged battery! Here’s one of the first things I shot post-hack at 60fps/720p/32Mbits, and the 24fps/1080p/44Mbits looks even better:

    I like the looks of the patches Andrew posted, I might play around with them during the holidays. Those higher bitrates worry me, but it’s hard to argue with the 176Mbits GOP footage that’s been posted online. I also like the film mode profiles Andrew posted (which you can set into your GH2 even without the hack), I’ll give those a shot as well.

  • I hacked mine a couple of weeks ago from instructions here:

    Easy as can be. I’m amazed at the clarity from a hacked GH2. It blows the Canons away. Plus the lack of aliasing with deep focus is liberating.

  • Is there any flat picture profiles available for the gh2?

  • I might end up owning GH2 as well. I also own Canon 7D and NEX-VG20

  • Actually, the hacking process is simple. It just “sounds” complicated. Well worth the few minutes it takes to accomplish it.

    It’s actually pretty crazy that this sub $1000 camera is even being tested against cams that cost as much as 15 times more and it STILL holds its own!

  • how does the gh2 hacked stack up against the 5d in terms of video quality? and is it worth purchasing the af100 if you can get better quality with this hacked gh2?

    • If you are trying to capture great images on a budget, the GH2 is amazing. If you need XLR inputs, interior ND filters, and have more money before lenses, etc…get the camcorder. But yeah, I’ve seen a lot of AF100 owners drooling looking at the hacked GH2 visuals, wishing it was available on the AF100.

      As I’ve looked at some of this stuff ( with the intra data rate hacks, (with my untrained eyes) I could easily been fooled into thinking it was an F3 or something.

  • Applying the hack is very simple and safe if you follow the recommended procedure (i.e. ONLY use fully charged battery…never AC power). The beauty of the Ptool software is that there are already built-in default settings which are safe and conservative. Also, there are a lot of people who have done the hard work of testing various parameters within Ptool and have posted/discussed their findings (Google is your friend).

    However, I would recommend spending a bit of time reading/understanding the logic behind each of the main parameters/settings since this will give you more flexibility of setting the camera up to do exactly what you want. V.K.’s “Personalview” forum is an excellent place to learn about the hack and optimum settings. Also about optimum SD cards, audio interfaces, rigs, etc.

    The bottom line is…the GH2 hacked to Driftwood’s 220mbps / 1 GOP is breathtaking…and absolutely stable (with every lens I’ve used so far from 7-14mm Lumix to 800mm Nikkor.

    It’s a tiny, lovely, reliable video camera that can hold its own against the “professional” overpriced offerings in terms of Image Quality…and way outperform them in terms of compactness for the traveling cameraman.

    For a serious reality check have a look at Philip Coltart’s : “RED Epic verus Panasonic GH2 Comparison”