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Canon 5D Mark III/X Announcement March 2nd (Probably) **Update: Leaked Images**

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UPDATE: **Canon Rumors is showing very convincing leaked images of the 5D Mark III. Check out the images below.** As I reported earlier in the week, the Canon announcement for the 5D Mark II replacement was originally confirmed to be February 28th (or 27th if you’re in a different part of the world). Now Canon Rumors is getting word that there are events planned for France and Singapore on March 2nd. That date is looking more realistic, as there may or may not be any events planned earlier in the week. Everyone online has reported the previous date as being correct, and part of that is the way that CR rates the rumors.

Here’s an explanation from their site:

March 2 will be the date for the 5D replacement. Confirmation of events in France and Singapore. There may be something else on February 28 and things were reversed, I am trying to confirm that.

So yes, I changed the announcement date rated [CR3]. I may catch a little flack for that, but it had to be done.


Canon Rumors has a rating system of CR0 through CR3, with CR3 being the highest possible rating. According to the website, CR3s should be considered fact, and this is why they are rarely given. In this case the CR3 has been changed to the new date.

March 2nd is looking like the right date (or March 1st, again depending on the time zone). The specs have not changed, so we should still be expecting 22mp. (The image above was Canon’s teaser for the 5D Mark II, just to avoid confusion. They have not released a teaser for the new camera yet.)

Another possibility from Canon Rumors is that the 5D Mark II will see a price drop shortly after its successor is released. Take this with a grain of salt, but it would certainly not be surprising given that Nikon is now lowering the price of their D700 by $500.

Since so many of you are DSLR shooters, it’s important to stay on top of rumors and announcements because it very well could be affecting you or your business in a big way. I’ll always do my best to report correct information (and make a correction if that information is wrong), but as I’m sure Craig at Canon Rumors would agree, it can be very difficult to pinpoint exact dates until something is actually announced. Northlight Images also receives a tremendous amount of information regarding rumors, but they are less confident on the date changing.

I won’t 100% confirm the March 2nd date, but one of the signs that a release is coming on a particular day is that Non-Disclosure Agreements will expire on those days. That seems to be the case with this particular date.

Stay tuned for the full list of specs as an announcement is certainly imminent.

UPDATE: These appear to be real, especially considering the tough angle it would be to photoshop the last photo. Thanks to EOSHD, Canon appears to have added a headphone output, which would allow you to hopefully constantly monitor and adjust audio. It also looks like at least one camera will be named the 5D Mark III. There could still be another camera released at some point called the 5D Mark X or 5DX, we don’t know for sure. These photos look very convincing, but we can’t know if this is a final product until the camera is released.







































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  • Whats going on? i used to come here because what i read is facts, now I’m seeing a lot of rumors…. a rumor worth nothing

    • According to the way Canon Rumors works, they are facts – but as he said, he was wrong, and thus I’ve also corrected my own post. It’s one of the most anticipated cameras of the past 5 years, so I, and many others, certainly think it’s worth something to have an idea about what’s going on and when it will be announced. Rumors will never be the norm for this site, but if I have what I think is extremely solid information, I’m going to talk about it.

    • If the headline is something you’re interested in, click “More” and read on. If you’re not interested, do not click. This goes for all web sites…

      • very clever answer koo, but i come here to read deep analysis that specially you are use to writing, but rather than gather information from other sources i see no deep work here, of course is my opinion, i remember some few time ago when i was completely exited when received the “this week on no film school”. And yes, your are right, if i’m not interested i don’t click, thats happening very often. It will be very disappointing seeing you correcting the information or the spects you claim are a fact, hope it does not happen. I love this site and not pointing at something in a bad manner, I’m sorry if that sound like that at some point. Hope the best

        • OMG oneris just shut the _____ up .

          If the headline is something you’re interested in, click “More” and read on. If you’re not interested, do not click. This goes for all web sites…

          ^^^ the man has spoken no need for a smart-a** reply

        • dang, some people are such snobs without even knowing just how condescending they sound when they comment. those types need not click into his site especially if they’re going to make such comments. koo, you’re a good sport for not deleting those types of nonsense (i would of). and thanks for posting 5dmk3 article. keep em coming! but i really don’t mind if you would delete comments from arrogant sticklers.

        • Marc Paolella on 03.1.12 @ 8:09PM

          When it comes to certain industry standard hardware, strong rumors are desirable and fun. I will order this new camera sight unseen the day it is released. When it arrives I will use it for a week, then sell my 5D2. I WANT to hear the rumors. They are fun and exciting. If you want news, click on

    • John Jeffreys on 02.26.12 @ 10:00PM

      its just materialist/consumerist hype before a large product launch. happens on every blog and part of the internet.

  • Here’s hoping the rumored price of $3500 is wrong. It makes no sense.

  • McBlakewich on 02.26.12 @ 5:15PM

    I’m hoping for 1080 @ 60fps. Fingers crossed.

  • Vladimir Druts on 02.26.12 @ 11:02PM

    A great codec, or full HD out would be great.. Honestly though, I’m not expecting much. I think this may be a let down. Nikon amped their video features so high, I don’t think Canon will compare due to their c300 being released :/

  • I CAN HAZ DETAILS ON CINEMA DSLR? Seriously, what is that thing gonna cost? Because that information really determines for me whether the 5Dmk3 is something I should be paying attention to or just some random camera for ‘togs.

    • Based on the information I’ve seen, the MSRP should be $3500. Let’s hope it’s MSRP and not actual price, as it would mean that the actual retail price could be lower – not much lower – but lower. This was the price confirmed by Canon Rumors, but even if that number is wrong, I just don’t see this camera being available for less than $3000.

      • $3000.00 I can take. My worry is that we are going to start getting soaked by Canon for marginally better video on a dslr that starts approaching camcorder price ranges.

      • No I meant what’s the Cinema EOS DSLR gonna cost (and when will it show up). You know, the one they showed the concept of at the c300 launch?

        • Totally misread the first sentence. No clue on the Canon 4K Cinema EOS camera. It’s very possible it will not be in a DSLR form factor, I’ve read in some places about Canon people saying that they hadn’t finalized anything about the camera, and that they weren’t even sure if the final form factor would be a DSLR body. If that camera does arrive this year, I’d expect it to be much more expensive than these DSLRs. It’s really hard to speculate because there aren’t many details, so until there is some more concrete information, I would just assume the 4K EOS camera will be more expensive than the DSLRs – maybe not the 1DX, but we’ll see.

          • John Jeffreys on 02.27.12 @ 4:34PM

            I talked with Larry Thorpe at a C300 event in Burbank and he said, to my face, that the 4k DSLR concept will be release in the next few months,

            • I’ve also heard that, but honestly there has been no information about it than what little they’ve provided. We’ll just have to wait and see. I would expect we’ll hear something by NAB if it is happening that quickly.

  • The landscape has changed so much since Canon released the 5D MKII you got to think they cant compete against what they now have on the market. I hope you DSLR guys don’t get burned with high hopes from this camera. But then Nikon has your back.

  • What about 4k, Canon? (sorry) from Brasil.

  • My friend, have you seen the new port? Thunderbolt is coming!After the cooperation beetween apple and canon. Use a dispay with thunderbolt.. Send your data in 2sec..
    I hope for the codec of the c300…

    • You sure about that?

      • If the photos are right, look at the connection on the left side you’ve mic on top and the flash symbol . It’s a property of intel for thunderbolt.
        Apple and Canon have decided last year to sign something about a partnership…Whatelse ?
        The thunderbolt have to be!

        • It’s actually the PC sync port, which is also found on the 5D Mark II. It’s used to fire strobes (flash). It’s not used as often anymore because many systems are completely wireless.

  • fake photos!! it is photoshopped
    haha just kidding this is exciting

  • Leaked pic shows mic input… exciting stuff. But I agree that the Nikon D300 will most likely have higher specs/better video because Nikon doesn’t have a C300 to sell :)

    • Mic input is nothing new. The connection to the right of the mic input however…looks an awful lot like a headphone jack!

      • I agree with you; it doesn’t look like anything else. I’m not expecting a clean signal from the HDMI output nor 1080/60p, but a Headphone Jack, GOOD LORD, its the least they could do.

  • If the photos are right, look at the connection on the left side you’ve mic on top and under the flash symbol . It’s a property of intel for thunderbolt.
    Apple and Canon have decided last year to sign something about a partnership…What else ?
    The thunderbolt have to be!