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Shoot a Short with Your AF100 and Win Prizes from Panasonic

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Own a Panasonic AF100? Need a new monitor for your color suite? If you answered yes to both, Panasonic’s second annual “Shoot It. Share It” competition could be exactly what you’re looking for. Panasonic wants videos under 5 minutes, and the grand prize winner chosen by a panel of judges will take home a sweet 42″ Professional Plasma Display. In the interest of fairness, here’s an AF100 video that meets their criteria but hasn’t been uploaded to the website:

The “Shoot It. Share It” contest has 5 categories: nature, short film, commercial, music video, documentary and student. Each person can submit up to 5 videos, with a maximum length of 5 minutes each. From their website, here’s the judging criteria:

  • Filmmaking / shot design: The judges will consider how well your short film is composed in a technical sense
  • Creativity / inventiveness: The judges will also consider the overall creativity and inventiveness of your idea and its execution.
  • Ability to convey your unique vision: Last but certainly not least, the judges will consider how unique your idea is, and how effectively you brought your vision to life.

The AF100 hasn’t compared favorably to its smaller sibling, but it’s still a hell of a camera for the feature set, and some truly inspiring videos have been shot with it. What makes the Panasonic M4/3 line of cameras special is their adaptability to an ungodly amount of lenses – old and new.

So if you want to submit, register with their website and upload your videos. You’d better hurry if you want to get in on the action, as the deadline to submit is Wednesday, March 7th. The grand prize winner will also take home a Vocas Micro Four Thirds to PL adapter and the winner from each category will win a Vocas Mattebox and Rail system.

Link: Shoot It. Share It Competition – Panasonic

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  • A plasma TV? Lame prize for busting your ass to make a good short film. The contest should be with GH1 or GH2s and the prize should be an AF100 (at least).

    • Um, it’s not for a TV, it’s for a post production monitor. There’s a big difference.

      • Whatever man. I’m with Coop on this one. This sort of comp is blatent in it’s grab for free content. The least it could do is pretend to value it.

        • John Jeffreys on 02.24.12 @ 3:16AM

          pretty sure a plasma production monitor is worth like over 5 grand…and would be godly to edit on. and if you dont like it, you can most certainly sell it for a pretty penny

  • looks like panasonic wants to make that old lame af100 more popular.. sorry panny…maybe next time ..

    • I’m not sure I’d call the AF100 a lame camera. I mean have you seen some of the stuff done with it?

    • Movies are NOT made with GEAR. Movies ARE made with your MIND.

      BTW did you bother to view the video/film at the start of this article???

      • Darrell Ayer on 02.19.12 @ 9:25PM

        I’m with C.D.
        That was a sexy short.

      • That’s not entirely true.
        Movies are made with equal amounts of tech and creativity. The good ones, anyway. It’s only when tech is hampering the process, does it become a problem.

        I agree with the above though, the AF100 really seems to be a bunk camera. It has great on-board features, but the sensor and its image capabilities are worst than the DSLRs it was claiming to “kill” not too long ago (if anyone recalls).

        This contest does seem to be an attempt by Panasonic to get the camera back into the limelight. It’s a shame because for a fraction of the cost and more features via firmware hack, the GH2 stamps all over it.

        • Technology make things easier today. Before CGI there were Matte Paintings During the 1930s there were a few film made with one actor playing two parts, with both charterers on screen at the same time. Movie magic is nothing new. Ghosts were made to appear and disapear using the Pepper Effect and Schüfftan process From the begging of movies if you could imagine it, you could shoot it.

          What technology has done is to allow an independent film-maker to make a short like the above. Thirty years ago it would have taken a Major Studio to have done the EFX.

        • Right on the money. I had an AF100. I developed a soft spot for it (due to it’s fantastic utility), but the sensor is lame, and it did affect my ability to deliver quality content – particularly in low light. I regretted not getting the [rather clumsily designed] FS100 for it’s superior sensor.

  • Rev. Benjamin on 02.20.12 @ 9:22AM

    B…. but…. the GH2… that’s the one I have… :_ (.

  • Actually I think it is a good time to rent cameras not to buy. I advise to wait a little bit if you want to make a serious purchase. The best is yet to come.

  • The winner for the previous edition of SHOOT IT SHARE IT was awarded of the Panasonic AG-HPX370 which is around $10K . I am just wondering why this new edition has just the Panasonic TH-42BT300U 42″ HD Professional Plasma Display (Price: $2,649.00) as first prize. What is going on with PANA?

  • Wesley Dumont on 02.21.12 @ 1:02AM

    The AF100 does not hold up on set. The chip has a sharp drop-off of exposure capabilities, grain shows up at lower ISOs and esp troublesome is it’s handling of blacks in low exposure. The F3 is a much better camera and I imagine the F100 is much better than the panny as well. I don’t see this camera finding prolonged use on set. Too many negatives. Too much competition.

    • Wait, so what you’re telling me is that a $13k camera is a much better camera than a $5k camera? I certainly hope so! The F3 is a fantastic camera, but you can’t make such a sweeping comparison to something so far out of its price bracket. When exposing properly and tweaking settings to fit the situation the AF100 (and FS100 – I’ve shot on both and they’re very similar) has no problems with noise in the blacks. I agree that the AF100 and FS100 probably won’t be around for too much longer before something replaces them, but until then they’re useful tools – and quite capable ones in the right hands.

      • I think what he means is that the Sony FS100 is probably a better camera, which is a widely held belief (and an opinion I happen to share, though I’ve never used an AF100). Still, the fact remains that for those people who may already have an AF100, knowing about this contest may be helpful. Thus our blog post about it.

        • Sure. The main point of my post was that comparing the the AF100 (or anything in its price bracket) to something like the F3 is a bit of a fool’s errand since they were never meant to perform at the same level. Like I said, I’ve used both the AF and FS, and they both have pros – I tend to like the AF just a wee but better because of its feature set – but anyways I wasn’t trying to bash the (fantastic) FS there, just pointing out a fallacy in the comparison between two entirely different classes of camera (AF100/FS100 vs F3). :-)

        • I agree with Koo. Having had an AF100, I can tell you that it was quite a learning curve involving lots of trial an error with the settings (black balance et al). There is a lot to be said about it being great “in the right hands”, but no amount of tweaking can make it match the FS100 for low light performance. I also agree that it is grossly unfair to compair it to the F3.

          For all my criticism of the AF100, I will say this. The thing is versatile, AND you can actually use it hand-held with you face pressed into the eye-cup with good results – sans a “rig”. The thing is a lens whore – and you can get creative with all manner of glass. Being in a PAL region, I also liked that you could switch between 50Hz and 60Hz modes. Scene files are an awesome concept. It’s a great camera that is imperfect due to a crap sensor. It really should have been maybe $3000 – which is what you can get it for second hand.

  • James Fisher on 02.21.12 @ 9:38AM

    Panasonic or Panic Sonic

  • We’ve shot an entire feature on the AF101 with a PL mount and Arriflex PL academy lenses, transferred the graded edit to intermediat negative and printed on 35mm positive for theatrical release in anamorphic. The results are awsome! :-) the AF101 truly is a great cam for that price point!!

  • “has 5 categories: nature, short film, commercial, music video, documentary and student”

    Five huh?