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The Camera Doesn't Make Your Film: Camera Tests Can Be Tedious, Watch Short Films Instead

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The camera tests of the newly released Canon 5D Mark III can get a little tedious, and before long we’ll get back to some of them, but why not watch some films to spur your imagination a bit? It doesn’t take a $3500 camera to make an interesting film, in fact, the three examples below are proof that you can do almost anything with a little bit of ingenuity. Different films can be interesting or inspiring to different people, but all it takes is a few minutes to experience something you probably haven’t seen before.

All of these are courtesy of Film School Rejects, who post a short film every day. It’s a great way to experience more of what’s out there, and each of the films are never more than a few minutes.

The first film, Full Circle, from Callum Cooper and Klezinski, may or may not make you dizzy, so just be aware that if you get motion sickness easily, this may not be something you want to watch. The camera was attached to a specialty rig to accomplish this:

This next film, Synchronize, from Elise The, is a bit of an experimental film, but again, inspiration can come from anywhere and you don’t need an expensive camera (just some clips from cult favorites):

Directed by Guillaume Panariello, “They Come To Get Us” from The Death Set, is a music video that harkens back to a simpler time in life, before media controlled our lives:

You don’t need a lot of money to make something interesting (of course you all knew that already). There’s a broad range of tastes out there and if you can make something inspiring with a $100 camera, then it should stand to reason you can make something amazing with a $1000 camera. Use the camera you have and be creative, because as we all know, audiences just want to be entertained, and if you can do that, you’re going to be able to do it at any time, at any budget level, and with any piece of equipment out there.

[via Film School RejectsFull CircleSynchronize - "They Come To Get Us"]


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  • Some great videos here! There was a similar video on youtube not too long ago where someone attached a GoPro to a hula hoop. However, it wasn’t as creative as this jumprope short.

    Thanks for the refreshing post, Joe!

    • There was also a youtube video where someone taped a camera to the tip of a sword and swung it around. Pretty interesting.

  • I’m a big fan of

    Sometimes the films on there are a lot bigger budget than most people can afford, but none the less a great resource for inspiration and ideas.

  • Full Circle wasn’t just a jump rope with a camera attached. It was a fully built rig. Go to the director’s website he has a post about it.

  • I rented a Canon 5D Mk III, yesterday, to do some tests. Nice camera, but a camera is no substitute for what lies between your ears.

    These three were great, and none of them had fake light leaks or faux grain. But they all had a lot of imagination.

  • I don’t necessary agree with the mentality that make interesting/creative content and you will be ok, but I do know that lenses and lighting trump camera body any day of the week. If your cinematography is on point you can find work.

  • I understand how the rig works but I am really curious how they shot the underneath side of their shoes. Great Video!