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Insightful Q&A from Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof, and a New Viral Ad for 'Prometheus'

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Though this may be the least amount of direct filmmaking knowledge you may get from this site, I thought it was worth following up with the previous Prometheus TEDTalk. We’ve got three new videos: an official full-length trailer, a Q&A with Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof, and a new viral ad. The Q&A does have some particularly insightful moments that go beyond just the film, but part of the reason I’m sharing this is that on a base level, I really feel that Ridley and his team are now bringing science fiction to even greater heights. They also shot in 3D on the RED Epic…so throw that in there for good measure.

First up is the new full-length trailer:

Here is the international trailer:

Then the new viral ad which still doesn’t give away nearly as much as the trailers do. If they had kept the campaign to just the TEDTalk and this video, I still think it would have worked perfectly.

Then finally the Q&A. Even though I tend to hate a lot of them, I actually feel like there were some interesting questions about science and 3D filmmaking, and it’s always fascinating to hear Scott’s opinion on anything technical in nature.

Even if you’re not a fan of science fiction, or Ridley Scott, it’s clear that this film is on a massive scale, and it’s asking big questions and looking for big answers. To truly push science fiction and film as a greater art form, we’ve got to keep pushing bigger and bigger questions, but continue doing so in an entertaining way. As Ridley says in the Q&A, science fiction has inspired scientists, because after a certain point science becomes an art – thinking outside of the box and coming up with a new way of thinking about problems. As independent filmmakers, even though we don’t have the budgets for science fiction epics, we can still ask bigger questions about life and science within our limited scale. We just need to work a little harder than the big guys.

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  • I don’t remember last time I was so excited to see a film!

    • Excited to see it too! However… Anyone else feel like the new trailer gives an awful lot away?

      • I’m really rooting for Ridley on this one.

      • Yeah, I think Fox is worried about the budget and they are trying to show as much as possible to get people interested who might otherwise not be – since it’s a difficult title and the word Alien is nowhere to be found. I think they have one of the best teaser/viral campaigns anyone has ever done.

      • Darrell Ayer on 03.18.12 @ 7:30PM

        I think showing an Alien would be too much. I think they just showed enough to misappropriate $14 tickets from me.

      • I don’t really see the trailer as giving an awful lot away. There’s a tiny bit of plot explaining why they’re searching through space, but I think most people already know after seeing the teaser and/or readying anything about the film that we’ll see humans land on an alien planet and, more likely than not, some will die. Besides that, what else do we know? There’s an alien race and they want to go to earth? Maybe. After watching the interview, which is awesome, I feel like there’s definitely so much more to this film than what we’ve seen or read thus far.

  • I am excited to watch it but mainly because of its entertainment values and not the ‘big questions’ they are somehow trying to boil down their ad-talk to. As much as is rumored about the plot around the internet (interestingly the geektyrant synopsis leak is actually backed by the new images of the 2nd trailer), i really don’t feel this is going to be much more than a visual revelation with some very reasonable plot that keeps you intelligently entertained throughout the running time – which is already a lot to ask for these day: hence i am still pretty excited. But I am also eager to keep a clear sight on its dramatic potential: Epic scale many times contradicts depth from my point of view. Of course there are counter examples like Chris Nolans “Dark Knight”, but a lot of times cinema/TV gets epic, it looses focus on the core qualites of a plot. Tthe solution for “Lost”, for example: In my opinion it was the best Lindeloff and Co. could have come up with regarding exceeding fan expectations, but the fact that the show somehow had to become more and more epic in scale also somehow made the twists and solutions flatter and flatter.
    After all this is very familiar Erich von Däniken territory that “Prometheus” will enter and if the answer to a deep question is flat, it can pretty fast get very dissatisfying. What I am really looking forward too is the films visual style: Dariusz Wolski didn’t really hit my taste with the first “Pirates” movies but that changed with the 4th one being the visually most interesting, in my opinion. Keeping in mind his work for Tim Burton, I also think that it very much relies on the director how his work finally looks. That they choose a RED over an Alexa bothers me a bit: After watching a couple of RED-shot films by excellent DOPs and the great ALEXA shot “Hugo” and “Game of Thrones” in comparison, i feel like the RED’s look is a bit too ‘cold’ if that does make sense. Especially higher exposed parts of the image look more natural when shot with an AlLEXA (or a Genesis, but that one has its own problems).

    • If proper pink and not yellowish (hi, Alexa!) skin-tones on EPICs are cold, well bring me the North Pole!

  • If you liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull …you’ll love this movie!

  • They would have sold me a ticked with a teaser containing only this “sci-fi”. I’m not a big fan of teasers. The less I know, the more excited I am to watch it. All I really need to know is the genre and maybe the main cast. Alot of teasers, this one included, show too much for my taste.

  • I agree with Raphael, the teaser can be shorter as I felt the outcome of the movie like Alien. It would keep me more exciting when less is better again I hope I won’t be disappointed like the last summer release super 8.


    Wayne Lam Creative Media Director

  • Joe,

    I want to first congratulate you for becoming a new writer for NFS, and second I want to just say Thank You for your posts. You are on top of you’re game, post after post. I like consistency, and you sir have it. Thanks, and good luck in your future career on

    On another note… that movie is going to be badass! Like freaking out to see it. A friend of mine worked on the production crew for the film.

    • Thanks, I really appreciate the support. This community we have here is really wonderful, and all of us at NFS are working very hard to make this site the best it can be!

  • Stu Mannion on 03.21.12 @ 1:10AM

    I for one am not watching the trailers (though I did just watch the q and a) because I want to be genuinely surprised by this film. I can’t recall being this excited for film for a long time.