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Della Luce is Filmmaking Apparel by Filmmakers, for Filmmakers

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Filmmakers Matthew Jeppsen and Kendall Miller have created something unique that attempts to bring the creativity and passion of movie-making to clothing. From T-shirts to hoodies, it’s apparel that can be worn anywhere (or wherever you might want to show off to your non-filmmaking friends). Della Luce means “of the light,” and it’s a nod to the simple act of light creating the moving images that we all have come to love.

Again, I’m a sucker for good design, and everything about this clothing line is perfected down to the line. It takes a lot of passion and creativity to design clothing, and it’s that passion that Jeppsen and Miller have for filmmaking that shows through in this line of apparel. I am particularly a fan of the film terms shirt, as they are some of my favorite terms in filmmaking (and I personally know someone who would buy a shirt if it only said latitude).

Jeppsen is a shooter and editor, as well as the founder of FreshDV, which is a major asset to the filmmaking community. Kendall Miller is a Director of Photography and also a contributor and original member of FreshDV.

Check out a sample of the clothing line below.

Links: Della Luce – Website & Della Luce on Facebook & @DellaLuceStyle on Twitter


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  • Very funny — these clothes are only made for men. I get so tired of the film world being dominated by men. If the male population continues to exclude/discourage the creative visions of women, then they will eventually have to come to terms with what that may mean. In time, of course. In time.

    • I believe out of the gate most of the sizes are larger (usually a volume issue) – but they are not for men exclusively.

      Check out the link:

      • camilleclaudel on 04.20.12 @ 4:01AM

        Well… they sell man size & unisex size t-shirts. Still, these are made for men. !
        I agree with m.gibson.

        • Neat T-shirts! I appreciate a site that just sells clothes that look cool for no-good reason….because looking cool is good enough reason! And, with just a spritz of perfume, these are made for ladies too!

          (People–they’re t-shirts…..and some guy is selling them because he like selling them…and because the money is good too…that’s a good enough reason too!)

  • Sooo…it’s normal clothing with film related designs on them? How…unique. Do you know what else is functional on-set clothing? Normal clothing.

    If someone is going to make functional film clothing, firstly as m.gibson said there should be females in there (I don’t care that ‘unisex’ is there to make us feel “included”) women have different shapes etc. Secondly they should be making pants with plenty of pockets and clips for gaffer tape and RTs etc etc – that’s ‘functional’ on-set clothing.

    Anyone can throw some designs on a t-shirt.

    Note: this is not negative feedback about your article, it’s about the company. Write another when they’re worth looking at. Sorry for being abrupt but I tend to be more passionate about commenting when I’m mad ;)

  • I think you just need to lose the ‘functional’ spin in the article and everything else is fine. A few designs in there that caught my eye…id say well done for thinking outside the square.

    • The functional aspect is a bit tongue-in-cheek, it’s just clothing :)

      But the line came from their website anyway – not sure if I lost anything in translation: “During our time working in the film industry, we’ve searched for stylish, contemporary apparel that is still functional on-set.”

  • I realise the following comment is quite obnoxious and I apologise in advance.

    I too am a sucker for good design and fashion…and this is definitely not an example of it. Quite the opposite actually.

    • Gotta agree here…. This seems more like fashion for people who are tools than for people using tools. I don’t see any functionality, no offense

  • unless this type of clothing makes you a better filmmaker with supper technologically advance heat generating energy to power cams and external monitors i’m not interested :) usually these types of clothing get a steep mark up! better doing it the independent filmmaker way…………. (stencil and a nice white t)!

  • Thanks for the post here at NFS, Joe. We appreciate the feedback we’re reading in these comments, and I wanted to take a moment to answer a few concerns specifically.

    I think there was some confusion about the term “functional” in our branding. Speaking candidly, our goal is to create fashionable clothing that speaks to filmmakers. Della Luce is a fashion-forward line; while our apparel would be at home anywhere, we’re not currently making set-wear that has been designed with functionality first. Thank you all for the feedback, we have addressed this terminology on the website to help remove any confusion.

    @m. gibson – In creating our line, we spent a lot of time sourcing a quality unisex garment with a good fit for both sexes. Our product development path moving forward includes shirts tailored specifically for women. Additionally, the next product shoot will show the fit of our unisex shirts on a female model.

    @Will and @carlos – We would be very interested in your fashion/design feedback, if you have a few moments we’d love to get your thoughts in this short survey:

    Please feel free to contact me directly with any additional feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

    Matt Jeppsen

  • Damn it people… it’s just some cool clothes. Be grateful. Honestly, wimps.

  • “film student for life” haha

  • With apologies, my thoughts on this (della luce, not this post)…

    -The whole thing seems extremely cynical to me. As though someone were looking for a niche market with disposable income to sell clothing to and stumbled across the prosumer film market

    -I think people who have a creative passion for making movies express that by making movies, not by wearing expensive t-shirts with cameras on them.

    -On a semi-constructive note, I’d suggest removing the “Della Luce” from most of these shirts, or at least moving it to the back or something. I know you want to brand yourselves, but it screws up some of the designs and for me, if I were inclined to buy this sort of thing, what would stop me from buying yours is that the designs I like the most are tainted by a “Della Luce” and logo that feels like a tacked-on advertisement. I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m not paying $30 to be a billboard for your company. My gut feeling would be you’d be better of making good designs without any attempts at branding on the shirts, and could on the word-of-mouth factor when other people see them on set and say “Cool, where’d you get that?”

    That said, I don’t think I’m your target market on this, as the chances of me spending $30 on ANY t-shirt are extremly low.

  • john jeffreys on 04.14.12 @ 1:35PM

    these are so lame!! im gonna make my own clothes

  • Would be a good topic for a post though. Functional cloths that filmmakers wear. These are my considerations, in no order of preference -

    - Design neutral. Most of the time I want my clients / subjects to think I am unbiased.
    - Muted colours. Don’t want to be a distraction behind the camera.
    - Functional pockets, prefer zipped. But I don’t want to be that cliche journo with the khaki vest :-)
    - Warmth / breathability. Sunset to Sunrise. If I’m using pockets gotta have the jacket all day.
    - Range of motion. For those acrobatic shots.
    - Cost. Don’t care. You get what you pay for.

    The outdoor industry has given us a ton of options. Affordable layering of wool and silk works well, Gore-Tex for breathability and to fight wind and rain. I’m a big North Face fan specifically the Cipher in black.

    Stay warm my filmmaking friends.

  • scott tebeau on 04.14.12 @ 11:13PM

    These designs scream identity crises, not to mention (as stated), exclude woman from the film maker paradigm.

    I’m all for less posturing and more productivity. Check it at the door.

  • Brett Ratner will be all over this.

  • seth.iamfilms on 04.15.12 @ 1:41PM

    Would be cool if it didn’t look like “Ed Hardy’s” “affliction” dream.

  • Nice APP,haha! Honestly, the T-shirt is cool.

  • I can’t help but feel that the target demographic for those designs are film students, or fanboys. It’s not to say there’s anything particularly wrong with that but I don’t know how popular these designs might be with professionals, or actual filmmakers (you know, the ones that work every day to make the stuff we actually watch). It’s probably going to be very successful with those sort of hobbyist, or amateur filmmakers and I’m sure they are enough of a market for these. I really don’t know any of my colleagues who would wear these shirts. I mean just looking at the terms list on one of those designs. I don’t know why someone would want to show up one set with a bunch of cliches on their shirt. I really don’t mean to sound condescending but just think, would anyone wear this to a 600 meeting? Well think of the newbie 2nd who shows up to work with a shirt that says I <3 DSLRs. I bet there will be some eye rolling between the DP and the 1st. I'll stick with the free garb from the rental houses.

  • Thought they were cool until I went to the website and noticed they are priced just like everything else for film making, about twice what their counter in other markets cost.. sorry but $25 bucks for a t-shirt.. seriously?

  • I was expecting something functional. Like, clothes with good pockets, carabiners or velcro for accessories, or rubber patches on the shoulder for friction for a rig — do something like that, innovate, then I’m buying! This stuff is boring.

  • Wow, it’s just T-shirts folks, if you don’t like em’, move on, no reason to trash the product. Or, post your own awesome t-shirt designs, I’m sure Koo would be happy to present yours as well.

  • Daniel Mimura on 04.19.12 @ 7:36PM

    How about one that says “I H8 HD-SLR”, “I love actual FILM”, “f4″. You know…like real film makers use…ha ha.

  • These shirts are “boring”? Really? And what does that make your black tee shirt?

    I’m a newbie to this film thing, even though I started shooting video in High School in the late 1970′s.

    Was thinking of getting deeper into this, but the negativity here tells me that there are a lot of “no fun” people in the film industry. I think I’ll stick to stills.

  • If you want functional check out they have been making functional gear for stage hands and theater people and the like for years. AS to the shirts, they look cool, cooler if they didnt have the company name all over it, and even better if it wasnt $40 for a friggin t-shrit.