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NAB 2012: Day 1 Recap - Blackmagic, AJA, SmallHD, RED

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This being my first time at NAB, it’s a little overwhelming with the incredible amount of exhibitors on hand. It should also be noted there are not a team of shooters and editors on hand to help me out – just me shooting and uploading everything you see (if you’re wondering why some videos might take so long to be uploaded). Some of the biggest news of the first day was the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, which I had a few moments to play with and take a look at, and I also had a great interview with Simon Westland of Blackmagic. Some other big news was the announcement of the AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K recorder, and SmallHD’s new DP7 display, which has two versions – one with a very bright LCD and the other with an OLED – which reproduces colors impeccably.

As I don’t currently have a personal camera of acceptable quality, my good friend and DP Nick Novotny supplied me with his Canon 7D and Rode mic. It is much appreciated and you should check out some of his work as we’ve worked together quite a bit.

I wasn’t able to see the RED short film Loom being shown using the RED Projector, which was announced at the REDUser event that I attended Sunday night, but it seems they might have been having some difficulty with the full 4K 3D output – so I will try to check that out later in the week when it is working properly. They were not the only exhibitor with some technical difficulties – the Zacuto shootout that I was scheduled to see was cancelled due to some sort of technical glitch. My interviews with Blackmagic, AJA, and SmallHD will be up as soon as possible, but the internet in my hotel room is terribly slow – which makes an internet profession (like blogging) quite difficult.

Below are some pictures of the Ki Pro Quad – the new 4K recorder from AJA. I’ll get more info about the new RED products, but for now check out some photos of the RED Dragon Sensor, RED modules and Mounts, and RED projector and RED Ray recorder (and a video when it can be uploaded).


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  • Thank you Joe for the Fruitful Information, I’m from the people who couldn’t attend the Exhibition, and here i am having the big news from you. All the Best.

  • Joe ,Nice review on the blackmagic-designs-cinema-camera-2-5k/
    Any thoughts as to where this leaves the entry level pro camcorders like the Canon XF 100

    • Those cameras will still have their place for smaller TV and doc-type work. You’ve got to control everything more-or-less manually with the Cinema Camera, whereas a camera like the XF100 can be set to Auto. The XF100 and its smaller sensor and zoom lens makes shooting much easier for certain situations – so it will really depend on what you’re doing – there’s still a place for cameras that can think for you, and don’t require a high-end computer for post.

      • I totally agree that there will always be room for smaller cameras with more or less Auto features, but no professional camera man I have ever worked with including myself would ever use an Auto feature. Control is key and ease of control is just as important. Cameras like the XF100 are great because they are easy to operate in a documentary setting and you don’t have to worry about critical focus because of the smaller sensor.

        • Not everyone is a professional, in fact, there are more people who are not. I was speaking from an entire industry-wide standpoint.

  • Thanks for your share! For some reason, I couldn’t arrive NAB, it’s a little regret. The news you gather is nice!