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New PluralEyes 3.0 Offers 10-20 Times Faster Audio Synching

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It looks like Singular Software isn’t sitting on its laurels when it comes to its popular audio synching software, PluralEyes.  They’ve announced version 3.0, and with a new version comes faster synching speed, greater accuracy, a more informative interface, and less of a plug-in feel:

For those who don’t know, PluralEyes is a program that lets you skip manual sound synching.  Say you are recording sound from your Zoom H4n, and you want to synch it to the internal sound recorded to your T2i.  You drop your sound files into the timeline and the software will synch the sound up.  In other words, no need to look for the matching clapboard spikes or wonder if the audio files are a split second or two off.  This is particularly helpful if you have lots of sound sources (i.e from a multi-camera shoot, or from several recorders during a live event).  For you visual learners, this video provides an overview:

The new version features new algorithms that make it 10-20 times faster than 2.0 while being more accurate.  With a more stand-alone interface it also allows you see more of what’s going on during the synching process (so you can pin-point the problem sections of your audio if the program is having issues).

For a free trial of the current version (2.0) check this link out.  The new version will go into Beta this May and be out for purchase by June.

[Update: According to the folks at Canon Rumors, if you buy PluralEyes 2.0 in the next couple of months, you will get a free upgrade to 3.0 when it comes out.  So I'm guessing they'll be keeping 3.0 at a similar price point, ~$150.]

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  • Any idea how much the new version will cost? Couldn’t see anything about it on their website (unless I’m being massively thick)

    • E.M. Taboada on 04.16.12 @ 7:44PM

      I’m guessing they’re keeping that under wraps until they get closer to the release date (in June)

      • E.M. Taboada on 04.17.12 @ 3:36PM

        Looks like if you buy 2.0 in the next couple of months you’ll get a free 3.0 upgrade, so they’ll probably be around the same price.

    • Probably the exact same. Utilities like these seem to keep a consistent price point.

  • 10-20x faster? UGH, when am I ever going to have enough time to get up and make a cup of coffee?

  • It’s going to be great. Plurayes saved me already some much time. What a great product !

  • Look, I know you guys pretty much only report on cameras now, and I hate to comment off topic, but with all the huge post-production announcements from Avid, Adobe, Autodesk, Black Magic Design and Editshare, how is an update to Pluraleyes your only article related to post production over the last week? Don’t get me wrong, pluraleyes is a great time saver, but you guys are missing some very very significant developments in post-production right now…

    • I think the ship has sailed on most of those announcements though. Adobe CS6 is all over the place (I’ve even watched all the training videos), Avid didn’t really announce anything (I guess Avid Interplay Sphere is newer?) and Autodesk…. Smoke is ok. I can’t get on board with any Mac-Only application and Autodesk doesn’t know how to sort out functionality within all their acquisitions.

  • I wonder if the new features/speed will make it into DualEyes…?

  • released today!