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Need an Unassuming Camera Bag While Traveling? Tenba Introduces Two New Products

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Many have learned the hard way that camera bags can be a major target. If you travel frequently and are looking for a bag that is very unassuming and provides excellent protection for valuable gear, Tenba recently announced two new additions to their lineup: a shoulder bag and a traditional backpack. These bags are part of their Roadie II collection. Both were introduced at NAB 2012 and I was able to get a walk-through of both bags from Peter Waisnor.

Peter Waisnor from MAC Group:

Though slightly unnecessary, the cup holders are a nice addition. I’m not sure how often I’d be putting anything spill-able near thousands of dollars of equipment, but as long as it was sealed well, I guess it’s possible the drink holders could come in handy. The best parts of these bags is the fact that they don’t look like they would have camera gear. The backpack specifically looks just like a hiking bag, but obviously has necessary and useful compartments that a regular backpack wouldn’t have. A nice touch is the way that the gear is only accessible from the strap side of the bag – so if you’re wearing it, pickpockets can’t get at the cameras or lenses tucked inside.

Both bags were designed for travelers in mind, but they should work great even if you’re not. The shoulder bag and backpack will retail for $280 and $300, respectively, and both will be shipping June 1st.

Links: HDSLR/Video Shoulder Bag  & HDSLR/Video Backpack


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  • I like how well thought out the construction and orientation of all the compartments are. I especially like that they have a space for laptops as well. Looks like a good piece of gear!

  • So expensive! It’s a BACKPACK.

    • But if it’s build does an excellent job protecting thousands of dollars worth of cameras, lenses and accessories, it is a small price to pay.

      If a cheap bag falls apart and fails to protect a $1500 lens, it becomes much more expensive than this $300 bag really quickly. Sure this comes down to how carefully we handle our stuff, but you pay for a good bag so that when accidents happen, nothing gets damaged.

      • Exactly. That argument is similar to putting a $20 ND filter in front of a $1000 lens – sure it will work, but how well?

        • john jeffreys on 05.4.12 @ 1:30PM

          Im using a cheap 34 dollar Polaroid ND filter from Amazon temporarily until i get the funds for a proper matte box, and it actually works quite well :P

          • I guess my 44 dollar tiffen nd filter sitting in front of my zeiss ze primes falls into this category.

          • john jeffreys on 05.4.12 @ 3:38PM

            tsk tsk, why didint you get nikon mount zf.2′s and declick the aperture rings?

        • I guess it’s for professionals then. Cause I can’t imagine buying this thing.

          • I agree, I don’t know if for proffessionals, but deffinitely not for filmmakers on a budget that is for sure.

      • These bags also last for ages and take one hell of a beating.
        I’ve shot in the Arctic circle with mine, high humidity and generally very high temperature and they really keep your kit safe and they don’t break, even after years of abuse.
        don’t under estimate the ergonomics of these bags either.

    • Brian Hynes on 05.5.12 @ 9:41AM

      Its only $10 more than the Petrol PD335 plus it has two huge side pockets that fit shotgun mics, monopods or boom poles. This is way more bag for your buck.

  • I use a messenger bag to stay on the low when I’m traveling with my gear.

  • john jeffreys on 05.4.12 @ 1:32PM

    I want a larger gear back that also can hold up to a 17″ macbook pro….this might be the ticket!

  • The price is comparable to other major bag manufacturers. I just completed my bag set-up and have ended up with Kata bags all the way, more by accident than design. I have the 3in1 30 backpack for small day hikes (for stills) and for video I’ve got an awesome bag that fits my rig fully built. In addition I’ve got a smaller Kata bag for my sound package, another for my lens kit and a large one (with insert trolley) for the Glidecam, GoPro, accessories etc. I’m extremely happy with the whole set-up. Best of all, its modular so I can shift things around depending on what I’m bringing with me.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the bags like the Tenba that open up with the gear all stacked up like that. I prefer the more traditional bag/case that lies flat.

  • I use a ThinkTank bag. They’re very thoughtfully organized and have lots of carrying options. These look like great designs too, though. And it is a nice option to be able to fit a 17″ MBP.

  • Nice pack. On a much smaller scale, my Lowepro backpack has served me well and because of it, my one requirement for travel bags is for the zippers to be on the strap side. This bag’s price is pretty good and when I’m upgrading my kit, I’ll probably spring for it. $300 is worth my lens and camera investment.

  • I really like these bags. I have the lowepro and kata versions of the backpack and the shoulder bag. Spending the money on these kind of bags is a must also you’ll be surprised how much you can put in these things safely. the only thing is i wish that the backpack had attachment point for the for an extra bag on the front like the kata’s as this is so helpful when self-shooting or going run-and-gun. Also with the rain cover does it not have a sun reflector like the lowepro’s???
    This really is a must with this kind of bag and the cost of it.

  • Black, again.and with Tenba labels — they still look too much like camera bags.

  • FromTheTropic on 08.29.12 @ 12:32PM

    jejeje… seriously? I am Costa Rican and if you walk here around the city with this it will take about 10 minutes for you to be mugged. I mean what part of this bags do not scream to you “I AM CARRYING A CAMERA BAG”. Unassuming… really?
    For a camera to really be unassuming it can look padded on the outside whether it is or not. It is that simple. I mean I have no doubt they are great bags for a lot of reasons, but please don’t say they are unassuming.

    • The backpack looks more like a backpack to me than a camera bag, hence the title. What is true for Costa Rica may not be true for other places in the world – but obviously you have savvy thieves ;)

  • Realised that having named bags scream ” camera gear!! ” whilst standing in line behind a guy at airport once and idly wondering if he was Nikon or Canon fan! Since then I use the padded “guts” of an old camera bag inside a strong double linen Cath Kidston floral messenger bag. Doesn’t shout “she has expensive camera gear” – important for lone female – and looks good :) I have travelled the world – alone- with this set up and my gear and I have been safe. Because of the size I have claimed it as my “handbag” and have yet to have airline refuse it in the cabin.