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Tyler Stableford Puts Canon's 1D X Through its Sub-Zero Paces in 'Shattered'

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Premiering at last month’s NAB, Aspen photographer and director Tyler Stableford’s short film Shattered provides a poetic portrait of the elemental battle undertaken by ice climbers as seen through the eyes of Steve House and was entirely shot on the Canon 1D X which Stableford was fortunate enough to be the first in line to get an in the field hands on with.

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As well as doing its thing despite the low temperatures, the 1D X impressed the Shattered director with its high ISO capabilities, the team shooting night scenes at up to 25,600 ISO:

I have to say the camera’s low light capabilities blew my mind. We shot some nighttime footage and the camera could see better than the naked eye. I feel like it’s a game changer in terms of what we as photographers and cinematographers can now capture.

The team have diligently tracked the production process of Shattered through all its stage and put out three Behind the Scenes videos which you can watch below.

In part one Stableford sets the scene for the project’s genesis and explains how Shattered was driven by the voiceover script and sound design considerations:

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The crew hit the ice and snow with their pair of 1D Xs and a mix of regular, tilt-shift and macro lens in part two:

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In the third Behind the Scenes we get into the post process as the team cut Shattered in Premiere Pro and run it through Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve for colour grading:

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Also, if you’d like to see exactly how Stableford used Canon’s 600 EX speedlites and STE3 transmitters to enhance the images he captured check out this tutorial:

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Have Stableford’s results got you excited about getting your hands on the 1D X?

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