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'Indie Game: The Movie' Premieres Online with DRM-Free Download from Indie Startup VHX

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I mentioned recently how big a fan I am of the feature doc Indie Game: The Movie, and today they premiered the film for everyone online, with a DRM-free download served up by indie film distribution startup VHX. Check out the trailer for Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky’s doc on indie creativity in the gaming world, and notice the all-important “buy it now” button at the bottom of the trailer, “straight from the filmmakers:”

VHX is a story in and of itself, and we’ll have more about them soon here on NoFilmSchool (where DRM-free direct digital distribution has been a chief interest from day one). VHX got their start by serving up comedian Aziz Ansari’s DRM-free self-release and are now building it out into a platform for filmmakers looking to self-distribute DRM-free files through their own websites. Indie Game is also available on iTunes or for 10% off (also DRM-free turns out the Steam application does use DRM) through the Valve Software-run gaming marketplace, Steam. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you like stories of independent inspiration and creativity, check out this film! And get it straight from the filmmakers!

Link: Indie Game: The Movie official site


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