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You Pre-Ordered the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, but when is It Coming?

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If you were one of the many (probably thousands) who pre-ordered the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, you’re probably wondering when you might receive the camera. The original target shipping date of July 31st meant the camera would be in the hands of at least the resellers today. That doesn’t seem to be the case, as Blackmagic has responded and given an estimate about when they think the first cameras will start getting out the door. So if you were one of the many who has been anxiously awaiting today, you might have to wait just a little longer.

From Notes On Video, This was a tweet from Safe Harbor Computers (who is a qualified reseller):

This just in from Blackmagic — BMD cam should be ready to ship in 2 weeks, resellers will have by 3rd week of August. Unsure how many.

They reached out to Safe Harbor Computers in regards to the camera, and also stated that they would be releasing a statement on CreativeCOW. Here is that statement:

We expect the Blackmagic Cinema Camera to begin shipping within two weeks, with the first shipments getting to our resellers by the third week of August. The camera is nearly ready for manufacturing and shipping now, and is in the process of Thunderbolt certification and final internal testing. Once this is complete, manufacturing and shipments to all worldwide offices will start.


Kristian Lam
Blackmagic Design

While this is disappointing for some people who were the first to pre-order, it’s looking like you will be receiving your camera the last week in August to the first week in September, depending on how the particular reseller handles the order. There is no word on how many cameras will be going out in the first batch, but from what we’ve heard it seems like numbers will be low in the initial shipment, and then will roll-out through the fall with the rest of the pre-orders. If you haven’t already pre-ordered, I don’t expect the camera to be available to buy until well into the fall — but it would be great if I was wrong.

In the meantime, there will likely be more footage released online, but if you’re wondering when there might be a review for this camera from us or from other websites, we will likely be receiving the camera the same time the first pre-orders are going out.

[via Notes On Video]


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  • Sad, but I can wait. It’ll give me more time to have some accessories for it when it comes, however, I would have loved to have it sooner. Alas, the suspense builds

  • It’s great to here that they are fully testing the products as much as they can before releasing it. I remember waiting for other products and having to wait sometimes even another year. I would rather use a solid product than one that was rushed just to get it out the door and make sales. Good call on their part, but a bummer for those that planned on filming all of August with one. Always have a plan B,C and sometimes even a plan D.

    • john jeffreys on 07.31.12 @ 4:00PM

      *cough*cough* RED *cough*cough*

      oh gosh, my throat is just on fire today.

      • How it like RED? Im assuming youre talking about the Scarlet? They have shown prototypes and actual footage from the camera. Something RED never did with the Scarlet. It will come out sooner or later. Be patient.

        • I’m thinking that’s what he meant- that as awesome as RED’s products are, they tend to release them in beta format and early adopters sometimes pay dearly for that privilege. Hoping Blackmagic is a lot more together on that front, since it’s a different market in many ways.

  • I imagine the customers are also waiting for version II of the Tokina 11-16/2.8, which has just started dribbling into western markets.

    “Pre order” means to me “charitable donation.” Even if you do eventually get the product you wanted, and it is still competitive when it appears, you have lent money to the effort rather than rewarding delivery. That’s nice of you but also means you have no business complaining when it was your voluntary option.

    • “Pre order” means to me “charitable donation.”

      I agree in the case of a company like Red, where your deposit went directly to them. But pre-orders for BMC were via “retail” outlets and from what I understand the deposits were only a couple of hundred bucks. Also, I’m sure retail companies like B&H have terms with their distributor (who buy from BlackMagic) and don’t pay up front for stock.

      • The retailer will likely pre-order themselves based on how many deposits have been made, giving the manufacturer capital for production runs and fulfillment. The retailer will presumably obtain a discount doing so based on bulk quantity and risk.

  • S16 size sensor = giant step backward for mankind. A good doc camera.

    • ohh boy, not again

    • Really wish I could afford that giant step forward there buddy but I’m a college student and can’t really pay for that step forward quite yet. It’s taken me longer then I’ve known this camera has existed to save up for it. I’m hoping sharing this with you might help you keep some things in check…

    • It’s comments like that that make coming to sites like this for camera and other tech articles a real drag. The sensor is a step backward? Surely you must be Shane Carruth, director of the international festival hit Primer, shot on super 16. If not, I’m assuming you must be Darren Aronofsky, director of Black Swan, also shot on 16… and, horror of horrors, a DSLR. I guess whether you’re Carruth or Aronofsky, you just feel that your cinematic visions can no longer be contained by such a format, and that’s understandable…

      Sheesh… Judging from many of the indie shorts and features I’ve seen, affordable HD and semi-affordable 4k has made indie shorts and features worse, not better. But then again, that would be blaming the tools, or maybe the obsession with them, rather than the artist behind the tool. Here’s a tip – skip the Red, get the BMC, and spend the difference on screenwriting classes and getting to know your actors over a few beers.

      This post is probably against discussion rules, but I’m sorry, these people have it coming.

    • I thought that it was closer to M4/3 or in between S16 and M4/3 is so then its the perfect cinema cam for me. This would not be an ideal doc cam. Its for people who need a Cinema cam to do chroma/adverts/ narrative/cgcompositing ect. It will do Shallow DOF and Deep focus. I haven’t been this excited for a camera in awhile. I have wait till they get a good PC workflow down as I am finished with Apple for awhile. This is a huge step forward, but you can’t tell that to people who’s only experience is with inexpensive cannon DSLR’s that have no built in video features and have never shot with DVX HVX XDCAM and the lot.

  • I am getting ready to pre order but I am confused on what lens would be the best to order..I currently use a Canon GL2 with stock zoom lens and the primary shooting will be in a studio for webcasting. Moderate zooming in and out will be a must. I don’t want to spend megabucks, but don’t want to get an inferior quailty of output..will be using the TBolt connection to the web. Any thoughts would be appreciated.. Leo

    • I’ve heard the Tokina 11-16mm mentioned alot. Keep in mind that if you’re getting a lens with a full-frame measurement like glass for the 5D, you’ll have to multiple the lens focal length by 2.3 to compensate for the crop factor. If it’s glass for an APC-S sensor like the 7D, you’ll have to multiple the focal length by 1.6 i believe.

      So for example, 22mm on a 5D would be 50.6 so like a 50mm lens on the BMC and a 22mm on the 7D would be 35.6 so a 35mm lens on the BMC.

  • Does it worry anyone else that the camera was postponed? I mean, I don’t think it’s a huge let down, but it does say something.

    Also, what are people’s thoughts of the new footage that has come out recently? Link below:

    • @Carlos: Not at all worried about the cameras arrival being late. Even though I’d planned on shooting jobs with it already, I’d much rather it turns up late, being ‘right’, thank getting here on the first delivery date, being ‘unstable and wrong’. I have more than just pictures at stake with this sort of thing: there are whole client relationships that are worth much more!

  • Update from B&H -> Expected availability: August 30, 2012