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Pixar Storytelling Rules in LEGO Form

08.6.12 @ 12:00PM Tags : , , ,

The Pixar storytelling rules that Emma Coats tweeted have gone viral — she even has a session at the Austin Film Festival this fall to discuss them in more detail. Perhaps to illustrate her points, Ms. Coats will use LEGOs. Because LEGOs are awesome. And visual. And guys can relate to LEGOs in ways they may have difficulty relating to Ms. Coats. Thanks to Redditor ICanLegoThat (Alex Eylar) and SlackStory, Ms. Coats has a headstart. Check out a few examples of Pixar’s storytelling rules in LEGO form.

This one below was of particular interest to me given my own thoughts on writing to themes:

Check out all 12 LEGO depictions of Pixar’s storytelling rules created by ICanLegoThat at SlackStory.

Link: SlackStory: Pixar’s Story Rules, Illustrated in Lego by ICanLegoThat

[via BuzzFeed and Geek Tyrant]


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  • Ronald Metellus on 08.6.12 @ 5:46PM

    “And guys can relate to LEGOs in ways they may have difficulty relating to Ms. Coats” That difficulty being…?