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Can Films Be Made with Google Glass? Watch a POV of Diane von Furstenberg's NY Fashion Week Show

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We may still be a mighty ways off from the ubiquitously connected, always recording (and slightly disturbing) world depicted in Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo’s cautionary short Sight, but if Google hold good to their planned release schedule, then we may only have to wait until 2014 to be able to shoot true POV with our own set of Google Glass. For now we can vicariously experience the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week’s DVF Spring 2013 show as captured by designer Diane von Furstenberg and her team using a prototype set:

It’s way too early to predict what the ultimate specs in terms of resolution and frame rates the consumer grade Google Glass will be, but the camera size and placement alone is sure to present filmmakers with the opportunity to tell new imaginative stories and easily grab some up close and personal shots where needed — think H+ style camera work without the inconvenience of having to ‘cheat’ those character perspectives. Whilst as a piece of filmmaking DVF [through Glass] is a pretty surface ‘behind the scenes’ effort, I’m excited just imagining the stories documentarians (kitted out with sets for their protagonists) may tell, never mind the possibilities it opens up to interactive storytelling projects.

How would you work Google Glass into your work? Or do you think it’ll be a novelty far removed from serious filmmaking?

Link: Project Glass


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  • Google Glass is a horrible invention that points towards a ghastly dystopian hellscape of our own making. – Ron Swanson

  • Ryan Farner on 09.14.12 @ 12:15AM

    Personally not very impressed. Hopefully the real product will be able to capture more of the persons arms and looks a bit more like what the eyes actually see. This literally looks the same as wearing a head mounted GoPro. And yes I bring up GoPro again because they are awesome and Google should just stay away.

  • I think this is genius if it’s always recording and saving up to 3 hours at a time on a small internal hard drive. Like that you could save footage that just happened. Could be capturing some events we always wished we had our cameras or that our phones would load quicker.

  • good editing.

  • john jeffreys on 09.14.12 @ 7:53AM

    google glass is going to destroy humanity

  • To answer your question, no.
    By films you must mean videos. By videos you must mean the fun everyday non-professional youtube kind. Then yes.

  • These might end up being used by tons of news reporters out in the field wanting to shoot and report semi-descretely (hopefully they’ll minimize the giant camera in the corner someday).

    Interesting concept, so the next step GOOGLE (since we know you’re probably trolling through the internet for ideas anyways) will be to command zooms in and out. Also, full-frame sensor with swappable lens mounts and RAW shooting with 13.5 stops dynamic range.

  • You’d have to be a moron to buy glasses that have a camera on it… talk about big brother

  • Tech as fashion, devices become appliances, science fiction gives way to reality. The implications of this are pretty staggering. If you can get beyond the pixel peeping, think about how this could be used as a truly intimate way of sharing experiences on a very personal level. Imagine hooking this up to your phone and broadcasting live via LiveStream while you’re in the middle of a protest, combat, event or other such happening. For POV scenes, it could be even closer to the reality of the character in a way a larger camera couldn’t. YouTube is going to explode.

  • I think it is a pretty good start… Can’t wait to see the futur versions of it ….

  • Fantastic. Will be used in every reality show the instant they have them out. Big Brother, Survivor, Storage Wars et al. Great for docs. HUGE for news. And this is only 1st gen. Make your own lowres ‘Into the Void’. :-)

  • If these things became as popular as smartphones, nobody would ever act natural in public again.

    Good to see you posting here Mar Belle. Long time fan of your podcast, that intro music itself would be enough to listen to, but you interviews even better.

    • alexjwithers on 09.15.12 @ 6:02AM

      Well, at least they won’t be looking down at their phones all the time. Nothing we can do to stop people interrupting their lives with technology, but at least this brings their attention slightly back into what they’re seeing? Hope so anyway.

      • Yeah, smart phone usage is ridiculous, and in public is a massively annoying disruptor to social interaction, bordering on in your face rudeness. My point, though, is that if as many people had these glasses as cell-phones, the privacy of non-users would forever be in the hands of any stranger recording video through these glasses in public. At least nowadays, you can mostly tell when someone is pointing a camera at you and you can flip em the bird.

    • Cheers Jank, it’s a pleasure to be part of the NFS team.

  • Talking about small devices, I’d like to see Nokia’s Lumia 920 being featured here. I just watched a video with Optical Image Stabilization switched on, and it practically eliminates the need of a steadicam! That, yes, would have a huge positive impact in indie films who want to try different POVs.

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