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Panasonic Accidentally Unveils the GH3 in Promotional Video

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Even though it’s not set to be officially unveiled until Monday, a promotional video for the Panasonic GH3 (the GH2 replacement) was accidentally released ahead of the announcement. The first video was actually released by Panasonic themselves, and has since been removed, but thanks to fast users, it has been uploaded elsewhere. Check out the video and updated specs below for all of the details on the new GH3.

Here are the specs (not all are completely confirmed yet):

  • 16MP “Wide Dynamic Range” CMOS sensor
  • New Venus 7 engine
  • ISO range: 100-12,800
  • 6 fps – The GH3 will have the fastest AF to date
  • Video Bitrate 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I)
  • 1080 in 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p in MP4, MOV and AVCHD
  • Focus peaking and  Time Code
  • Electronic shutter
  • Weather sealed
  • EVF — 1740k OLED
  • Touch LCD — 610k OLED.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, 3.5 Mic in, built-in stereo mic
  • New external vertical battery grip
  • Full application remote control through iOS and Android applications
  • Interval shooting and slow motion. Slow Movie extension (40%, 50%, 80%) Fast 160/ 200 / 300%
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Bigger, heavier and more expensive than the GH2

To be honest the video felt like the best fake promotional video I’ve ever seen, but the original upload was on a Panasonic YouTube account if I remember correctly. Some of the more important specs people wanted, like 60p, are now certain (if they weren’t already), but there are still a lot of questions around the price. One of the reasons the GH2 took off like it did is because it offered extremely sharp video and high bitrates thanks to a third party hack — but not only that, it cost under $1,000.   We’ve been told in numerous rumors that the price is going to be above the GH2 because they are making this a more professional camera. If that does happen, there is definitely a tipping point where users who could afford a GH2 cannot afford a GH3, and many of them will probably just stick with what they have.

With IBC and Photokina, too many cameras have been released to even keep track of, but there is no question a camera exists out there that will give exceptional picture quality and do mostly everything you need it to do. In that sense, we are all very spoiled right now. Just think, a little over 10 years ago we were shooting on mini DV without 24p. Now we’ve got cameras rivaling even the picture quality of film itself.

Link: 4/3 Rumors — GH3

[via DSLR News Shooter]


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  • john jeffreys on 09.14.12 @ 2:29PM

    I’m ok with this.

  • “In that sense, we are all very spoiled right now. Just think, a little over 10 years ago we were shooting on mini DV without 24p. Now we’ve got cameras rivaling even the picture quality of film itself.”

    Very, very well said.

  • The still image quality seems far behind Canon – curious to see the video quality and dynamic range.

  • what about the sensor size?

  • This video was a bit hard to watch. That sound just made it impossible to build a flow throughout the commercial (imho), and hence made it feel like an hour.

    Concerning the camera itself. It seems like we’re really starting to see the 1080/60 from numerous manufacturers. I’m not sure how it feels size-wise, but i got the impression that it’s pretty on par with normal DSLR’s.

    • Concur – that “music” was just terrible – had to watch with sound off! Not the best web encoding either – hopefully they’ll have some better quality stuff to show next week. Same with the Sony a99 video – flamenco dancing? Really? There wasn’t a pond with ducks in it nearby?

      At this point, the Nikon D600 wins the week for me as far as demo videos – the Chasing The Light video just blows away anything I’ve seen from a DSLR.

  • looks like this camera won’t need to be hacked at all! probably still will be regardless though :)

    most curious about the HDR chip claim. I haven’t heard any other company mention anything like that before. but an additional 1-2 stops of DR with the same 2,000-ish point and sub-100 mbps compression scheme could be a real game changer in this market.

    focus peaking and timecode, all icing on the cake.

    bravo panasonic!

    • 2,000ish *PRICE point

      (this forum needs an edit comment feature, haha)

    • DR is the biggest issue with the GH2, so that’s what I would like them to fix.
      But I have heard claims of “high DR” or similar many times before. Often from m43 cameras that couldn’t give you 11 stops of DR in RAW stills. They must have left out the “compared to $100 point-and-shoots” part.
      Wait and see…

      • The Olympus EM-5 has dramatically improved DR, so there is no reason why the GH3 couldn’t offer the same.

  • Goodbye to my Canon 7D, good times together.

  • Great – now I have this, the FS700, and the BMCC to choose from when I’m ready to upgrade the camera arsenal (my pair of GH2s are serving me well right now).

    What troubling times we live in!

  • And I remember how thrilled I was when the XL-2 came out with 16×9 and 24P. The options at their respective price points now are so staggering that you really need to do investigate before plunking down your cash and investing the time to learn how to become proficient with a new camera. I really appreciate having this site as a resource.

  • I’m a huge GH2 fan, and for a few additional specs, I’d happily pay more for the GH3. The ALL-I and codec selection are very attractive. That said, I feel like Panasonic should have made a bigger leap with the GH3 somehow… like the GH2 was so groundbreaking for the price. Is it wrong to have hoped for 2.5k or something?

  • What does “16MP “Wide Dynamic Range” CMOS sensor” mean exactly?

  • Stu Mannion on 09.14.12 @ 4:52PM

    That video feels like an unfinished cut. The quality of the video image on the other hand feels really nice. More so than any of the other video from all these announced cameras. Very interesting. Has anyone got a Micro 4/3 to canon ef smart adaptor yet?

  • It was a very weird video, the camera movement was really bad and at times it felt like I was watching an iPhone video because the movement just looked so unnatural.

  • There’s rumor that the GH3 will have an optional XLR attachment (for a price, of course). If that’s true and it has phantom power, then I’d be interested in this camera for r-n-g/eng with quality shotgun mic sans mixer/cage. Monday’s announcement should solidify/dispel anticipation.

  • 300% slow motion sounds impressive. That looks a bit like the “DSLRvangelist” Philip Bloom at 2:47…

  • RebelPhoton on 09.14.12 @ 7:08PM

    I am not a lawyer, but rumor sites are really damaging Panasonic this time, repeating dreamed/rumored specs over and over again until everyone believes they’re true. Come Monday’s announcement, everyone’s going to be so disappointed in the real specs, that if I was Panasonic I’d be cancelling the camera release and suing the hell out of the rumor sites…

    That said Panasonic are doing a good job of damaging themselves too with this unpromotional video blunder. It’s so bad I was convinced it was fake until I saw it came from the official Panasonic US youtube account.

    • elephant_1080 on 09.15.12 @ 12:14AM

      Lot of deception on the internet. Who knows who runs these rumor and “supportive” sites and who posts comments: company moles, kickback recipients, competing manufacturers, etc. Certainly the Panasonic video was not “accidentally” released. Two days after Sony? One day after Nikon? Four days before Photokina? Coincidence? No! (“Panny wants a cracker.”)

      • They’re announcing it on Monday anyway – they have nothing to gain from releasing anything early. I’m sure it was a case of someone uploaded the video and it shouldn’t have been publicly viewable but it was. It happened really early in the morning so that’s not out of the question.

        • I think they badly plan the announcement that is why, what I call panic leak. Nikon and Canon always announce in advance when they launch at big shows because it becomes too easy to be lost with so many new product. They found themselves in a window of opportunity where there was not too much news to put the gh3 back in the mind of media and public. You never know what might be launched at photokina, a new BMC type of surprise launch that would take 90% of the attention.

  • Stu Mannion on 09.14.12 @ 7:17PM

    …and the video is gone again.

  • Found another copy of the video, since the one linked above has been taken down:

  • Unless it’s quantum leap better than a hacked GH2 in video quality, it’s not worth it. I have a good feeling that it won’t, out of the box initially. When it gets hacked, however, watch out!

  • For someone saving up for a gh2.. I wonder if they will be cheaper to buy now that the gh3′s are coming out? Or does that even happen with cameras anymore? So many god damn cameras coming out.

    • In my experience the gh2 (and even the gh1 to some extent) retains value pretty well. For while it was hard to find one in stock and the few times it was the price was pretty high. For the past couple of months its been hovering in the 700-750 range. Considering the GH3 could be possibly twice that price, I think the gh2 won’t go any lower IMO.