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Magic Lantern for the Canon 7D Nearing Release

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There have been some rather exciting updates regarding the Magic Lantern firmware hack recently. The first big announcement was that the third party firmware was now working on the Canon 5D Mark III, and then we got the fantastic news that it’s also being ported to the Canon 7D. There have been new developments with the 7D, and we are edging even closer to a final release. Click through for a video showing off the newest firmware working on the camera.

Here is a description of the status, from :

This video shows the next important step in supporting Canon EOS 7D. For the first alpha releases we want to load Magic Lantern from a firmware update file (*.fir) only. This means, no data in flash must be changed, which will ensure that users dont risk to brick their cameras. As soon Magic Lantern for 7D gets out of alpha stage and safe for daily use, we will release a .fir that permanently enables loading Magic Lanterns autoexec.bin. In this video you see that loading Magic Lantern via .fir is working.

Here is the original video if you missed it:

The key to making this firmware useful is being able to have it load automatically when the camera starts up with the appropriate firmware, and that seems like it isn’t too far away. Even with all of the new cameras being released from Canon, firmware like Magic Lantern aims to breathe new life and new features into an aging body. I’ve been told by many people that they’re holding on to their cameras because they do the job for now, and the market is changing so fast that they’d rather wait for it to settle.

If you happen to be a Mark III owner, you can already download and play with the alpha for that camera, but you will have to give a donation for the privilege if you’ve never donated before.

Does firmware like Magic Lantern make you rethink a new camera purchase if you already own a Canon 7D or similar?

Link: Magic Lantern Forum — Canon 7D 


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  • Nice. I love ML. I was shooting today and I didn’t have ND filters. ML allowed me to bring my ISO down to 25 which allowed me maintain the DOF I wanted.

    • How you did it man, please? I’m still fresh with ML on MKII and the best I got it down was iso 80.

      • Go into the ML menu and go to the exposure tab. Go down to ISO and click the “Q” button. Scroll down to ML digital ISO and turn it left to -2.0.

        • Thanks man!! It worked flawless. Really waiting for ML on the MKIII. I’ve got 2 MKIII for corporate besides a Scarlet but I’m using again MKII with ML and loving it. Peaking and false colours on camera is a must! They added so many good features and it is stable, not a single issue in a full day of working.

          I wonder if there is some way to improve resolution on MKIII, guess is a hardware issue but let’s see if they can improve something with ML…

  • I have a 7D and am stoked on this.


  • this is cool

  • this is cool how much longer is the real question

  • I’ve been waiting for Magic Lantern to be released for the 7D for ages. I really love Magic Lantern and have been using it on my 550D for a while. I can’t wait for it to be officially released for the 7D.

  • i am very excited about magic lantern on the 7D i have shot 2 grammy nominated music videos with the 7D and its been my go to camera for years so im happy i will soon be able to squeeze a little more out of it before my next camera upgrade.
    My Thanks to the Magic Lantern crew

  • I’m very excited about this – I have a 60D and the original 7D I purchased first – but even though 60D had ML I always end up using my 7D because I’m more comfortable with the controls and since I can’t see crap – I have the Hawk I loupe for it.

    This makes me feel better about the 7D purchase so long ago – after the being left out of being able to use ML when t2i and 5d folks were loving it.

  • I notice the shortfalls of the 7D much more these days, perhaps comparing the demo footage of the new cameras, but my clients don’t [web and ipad content] so theres no need to upgrade just yet. The only camera that has peaked my interest is the C100 but a tad concerned over the codec. I have too much invested in lenses to jump ship so quickly and the powering and storage needs of the newer cameras will be challenging for my kind of work.

    • john jeffreys on 10.7.12 @ 2:16PM

      The C100′s footage will look a thousand times better than a 7D, thats for sure. Given you light everything properly.

  • LOVE my 7D. Have been reading newsletters from NFS every week, just waiting to read that post “ML for 7D”.
    So stoked. Mainly to get peaking for flat PP’s. Lower ISOs will also be useful. Once its out, I’m donating to the Magic crew. :)

  • I have two 7Ds that I mostly use with Nikon AI lenses. I have been happy with the combination and have had only two instances where I was not. Brick buildings and the canvas fabric on a rolling suitcase. Luckily, I have other cameras to cover that. I welcome the ML 7D hack. None of my clients have been disappointed.

  • I would like to see more video options. Highspeed 120fps @ 720p or 480p, Also 24fps, 60fps, in camera editing. I can’t wait to read reports from early adopters

  • logicalnot on 11.2.12 @ 4:17AM

    I love my 7D. Between the last Canon firmware update and ML coming up, I have no reason to upgrade this camera — despite wanting a 5D. It always goes back to the basics anyway: it’s all about the lenses.